Both Parties are NOT the Same: Gunloon Edition

It seems as if every day, some PUB (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) or a professional lefty (people who say what gullible progressives want to hear to get clicks) tries to convince me that the two major political parties are much the same. Mind you, they tell me this without any sort of evidence; they apparently believe that merely stating such a thing transforms it into fact, somehow. Let me explain something; if you chastise the right wing whacks because they insist that climate change is a “hoax,” you should know that your “both parties are the same” shtick is just as ridiculous. There is nothing even remotely similar between the two parties right now, and there hasn’t been for at least a couple of decades.

We had a reminder of that yesterday in the United States Senate. In the wake of a terrible hate-inspired massacre of people who were dancing and having a great time at a night club designed as a sanctuary for gay people, the differences between the two parties were on display for all to see. The Democratic Party, led by Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a state that suffered the loss of 20 beautiful children just a few years ago, worked their asses off to force the Republican-led body to at least consider several measures to limit access to guns by people who pretty much all Americans agree should not have them.

The Democrats forced the issue, however, and managed to get the Republicans to schedule a vote. Some of the votes were held yesterday. As predicted, those two parties that many of you claim are so incredibly similar, voted completely differently. The bills, which would have strengthened the background check process and would have prevented those on the terrorist watch list from obtaining guns, were roundly defeated with a completely partisan vote.

In other words, whereas the Democratic Party happily fought to limit the ability of ISIL converts to get a gun and to make the screening process better – measures supported by as much as 90 percent of the American people, including a majority of actual Republicans and gun owners (Source) – the Republicans in the Senate voted them down, en masse. I mean, come on, people; the measure to ban guns from terrorists saw only TWO Republican defectors. Another vote, on a bill sponsored by Republican Susan Collins and watered down even compared to the measures voted down yesterday, is supposed to go for a vote today and will probably be defeated, as well. And no; Susan Collins was not one of the two defectors.

Is this really a difficult concept?

Democrats see a problem that affects their constituencies and they react to solve the problem. Republicans see social problems as political gold mines, which they can use to get more and more votes? The same? They’re not even on the same planet, let alone working with each other to screw us.

The Republican Party voted yesterday to sell guns to Daesh/ISIL. Please spare me the “both parties are the same” bullshit. What the hell does the Republican Party have to do before you figure out that the whole “lesser of two evils” dichotomy is a load of crap? Democrats are imperfect. Republicans are evil. This isn’t hard.


Both Parties are NOT the Same: Gunloon Edition — 4 Comments

  1. On the issues that are most important to me (War, Federal Reserve, Bank Bailouts, Debt, Spending, Taxing) I see NO difference between the two parties in practice. Their rhetoric may be quite different but that’s as far as it goes. I could give two craps if they differ on issues as small as abortion, gay marriage, etc. We spend 1 trillion dollars on our empire & murder hundreds of thousands a year (mostly civilians). Neither party will touch that so don’t tell me they’re different. They only differ when it comes to the small polarizing issues. You guys have been duped into thinking they’re different on the most important issues of our time.

  2. Thanks for this; I’ve been having this fight for some time. My social media contacts include many libertarians, and many new “Bernie-bots” (not the stalwart supporters of Sanders’s campaigns in the past, but the new voter who only just found out there’s a Bernie about, and hasn’t noticed Bernie voting with the Democrats over 90% of the time for his career). Both camps are plagued by those who look at the “establishment” Democrats and Republicans and haven’t the wit to tell the difference. The memes that I see getting “shared” or “tweeted” every day show that, yes, those unable to tell the difference are out there, and are vocal.

  3. Thank you for this. If I hear that “lesser of two evils” canard one more time I can’t be responsible for my actions.

  4. Who ever claims the GOP and Dems are the same? I haven’t seen any comments like that.