Both Parties are the Same Only if You’re Insane

Why aren’t more people, especially liberals, tired of the notion that both political parties are “the same” in any way?

This is getting serious because the idea that both parties have any similarities at all is absolutely laughable. There are no similarities at all. None. Zip. Nada. And if you see any, then you need to sit down and perhaps have your meds adjusted because you’re seeing things.

First of all, take a good look at Lord Donny. Donald Trump chose to run for president in the Republican Party because it was a natural fit. A racist, misgynist narcissistic creepazoid could only become a candidate in the Republican Party. Trump wouldn’t have had a chance of winning three percent of the vote in the Democratic primaries. Think about it; Lincoln Chaffee was considered “too weird” for the Democrats, and there is nothing about Chafee that smacks of “sexual predator.” Yet, while Trump didn’t get a majority of the Republican primary vote, he got enough to win. And in a race between him and the most admired woman in the world for umpteen years straight, about 80 percent of Republicans voted for Trump.

Meanwhile the vast majority of Democrats who voted for Lord Donny are right wingers in red states who have been voting for Republicans exclusively since the Reagan days.

I mean, can you even imagine a Democrat – any Democrat – Tweeting the following publicly?

On the issues, how could anyone seem a similarity between the two parties? Democrats fought hard against Republicans and the unicorn left to finally get the basic foundation of a universal health insurance plan in place and Republicans have tried for seven years to kill it. To date, Republicans have voted to repeal the ACA about 80 times and they have fashioned two bills that not only repeal the ACA, but which also take a sickle to Medicaid, thus denying any health care to millions of women and children who need it. In addition to the ACA, Democrats also created Medicare and Medicaid and they have made sure both were expanded and fully funded. The only time Republicans ever did anything positive with Medicare came after they had tried to dismantle it and were shamed into adding a prescription drug component instead. And when they created Medicare Part D, they completely screwed Medicare recipients by creating a donut hole that made drugs too expensive and they also forbade Medicare from negotiating prices with drug companies.

How about labor? Well, there is a reason why Democrats’ largest financial supporters are labor unions. No, it’s not “Wall Street,” it’s labor unions. Republicans have dotted the landscape with “right to work” laws everywhere they go. They are quite vocal in their desire to rid the country of the minimum wage, let alone a living wage. Republicans are openly scornful of people who work for a living and they have been breaking unions for almost 50 years. Every red state has thus far tried to make it impossible for avarege workers to unionize. Huge companies like Walmart have taken drastic steps in many cases to stifle any attempts to bring in a union and Republicans have supported those companies just about every step of the way.

And what about “Wall Street,” which is a term that is essentially meaningless, but is meant to be an indictment of anyone who makes a decent amount of money? That one‘ s easy as hell. Go ahead and name us one major regulatory scheme directed at reining in those with businesses and large corporations and virtually all of them were passed by Democrats. On the other hand, the bill that eventually led to the economic meltdown in 2008 and beyond, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, was a Republican concoction.

This has been a common problem throughout the last century. Republican policies push us into the economic abyss and Democrats bail us out. Republicans believe in the power of “market” to the point  of a complete lack of reason. However, markets constantly crash the economy, while Democrats in government bail them and us out. Look at the record; every serious recession and the Great Depression all happened under Republicans. Republicans always explode deficits and accumulate debt, whereas Democrats reduce deficits.

I know what the unicorn progressives will say in response: “What about campaign finance? We all know Democrats get money from Wall Street” No they don’t. It’s not even close. I wrote about this some time ago. (Source) Look at those charts; there is no comparison between who gives to Democrats and who gives to Republicans.  Read the charts in that article and you can see the clear difference.

Republicans hate the poor and non-whites and try to screw them every chance they get, whereas Democrats pander to the poor and non-whites, if anything.  Republicans hate women, People of Color, LGBT people and immigrants. Democrats represent their interests in almost all cases.

No, the parties are not the same. Stop saying this.

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