Breitbart Should be Ashamed. If Only…

It seems Andrew Breitbart can't handle criticism on his own blog, because he's blocked my comments there, so I'll put it on mine. More people will read it anyway.

If you consider yourself a journalist, or even just a truth-teller, and you EVER have this asshole on your program, or quote him in your news article, you should be ashamed. This guy is the uncle we all have and won't talk about, who has strong opinions about everything and everyone, and shares them with everyone, true or not.  Breitbart 2

Most of the shit he posts is made up of pure lies. Once in a while, he gets a fact right, and he actually expects us to believe everything else he's ever said, even when it's been proven wrong repeatedly. He was the linchpin in the James O'Keefe bullshit stories that brought down ACORN,  which were later proven wrong. He was the one who first proffered the story that Shirley Sherrod was a racist, which was proven wrong, and for which he's been sued. He keeps on saying things that are untrue regarding the Pigford settlement, and a lot of other things, too numerous to mention. (I've written about these bullshit stories and the one on NPR on this blog, HERE and HERE, which is one reason, I'm sure, why he blocked me on Twitter, as well.)

But as bad as he's been in the past, what he did today should certify him as a completely untrustworthy douchebag. 

This morning, he went onto the Opie and Anthony radio program on Sirius/XM. If you don't know who these two are, you should. I don't listen to Howard Stern, because I don't care for his program. It's nothing personal; he can be funny, but the show's just not my cup of tea. I don't listen to Opie and Anthony because they're not funny. They think pure shock is funny, and it's not. Howard went to Sirius so that he could do a funny show with no restrictions. O&A did sobecause they can't do a show with restrictions, period. They have nothing else but bad taste. 

So Breitbart goes on their show to brag about how he "took down" Anthony Weiner. 

Talk about no class. Weiner went on national television and did a full mea culpa, embarrassing himself and even apologizing to Breitbart, after several right wing hacks demanded it a bunch of times. Anyone with class and dignity would take that as the end of the story.

But Breitbart is not only a liar, he's desperate that everyone believe his bullshit. He has so little self-esteem and self control that he cannot handle it when someone doesn't believe him about anything. It's really no wonder; if I'd spread the bullshit stories he has, I'd be worried about my integrity, as well. 

So he goes on this radio show to talk about a guy who is already about as low as he can go; a guy who actually apologized for lying to him, even though there's no evidence he ever actually did. What the hell kind of person takes a victory lap after he's brought down a guy in this way? Why, a guy completely lacking class, of course. 

But it got worse. He actually had the unmitigated gall to SHOW the hosts of this radio show the most explicit pics he had of Anthony Weiner's junk. Completely classless move.

First of all, who the hell keeps pics like this on their phone? 

As could have been predicted by anyone who's ever heard of Opie and Anthony, someone in the studio used another phone to take a picture of Breitbart's phone with a penis pic displayed on it. Opie and Anthony, being the douchebags they are, immediately posted the pic and made sure it went viral. By mid-afternoon, I had counted SEVEN right wing blogs with the pic displayed on it, where any kid could see it. Again; completely classless. 

When he found out about the picture, which had already been circulating for hours, Breitbart quickly posted on his blog that he knew nothing about them taking it. He also got Anthony to say that Breitbart had no idea it had been taken. 

I don't believe him. I'm not going to repost the picture, but from the angle, Breaitbart was pretty much "posing" it for the camera.  It's unlikely, in the close quarters of a radio studio, that he wouldn't have known about it, especially after the fact.

But just this once, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's say he didn't know they "caught and released it" as Breitbart claimed, as if the scurrilous photo was a trout. 

He's STILL a scumbag for doing what he did. People with class simply don't kick people when they're down, and they don't break promises like that. He did promise he'd never release certain pictures publicly, and he broke that promise. He may have THOUGHT he hadn't, but Opie and Anthony are not police officers or prosecuting attorneys; they are private citizens. To show it to them broke his own promise to keep the photos away from the public.

I actually have a lot of friends, and I engage in regular discussions with a variety of people, including many with whom I disagree politically, and a number whose names you would recognize if you heard them. I know facts about many of them that I don't reveal, because it would be an invasion of their privacy, and politics is PUBLIC, not private. Having different political opinions does not excuse ruining people personally. I really don't care about people like David Vitter, Larry Craig, Newt Gingrich, Jim Kolbe or Tom Coburn, anymore than I cared about Bill Clinton, Barney Frank or Anthony Weiner, except that the Republicans to a man acted as hypocrites and self-righteous prigs. (Mark Foley was messing with kids; that's different.) What they do with their personal lives does not concern me, as long as it doesn't directly affect their job performance. There is one thing that bothers me about Weiner's behavior, and bothered me about Clinton's; there are assholes like Breitbart out there who are more than willing to lie about you to ruin you; giving them something real and true is the ultimate in stupid arrogance. 

Andrew Breitbart has to much hatred self-loathing that he HAD to show that photo to someone, and he once again betrayed the tiny amount of trust he imagined that had built up for getting one story our of one hundred correct. 

If Andrew Breitbart has such a low opinion of himself that he felt like he had to prove that he had the photos he said he had, perhaps he should consider actually reporting facts for a while. It's actually possible to rehabilitate a reputation; many others have done it.

Ever hear of Media Matters, Andy?       

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