BS Isn’t Less BS-ey Coming From the Left

Look; I can handle bullshit coming from the far right. In fact, I expect it. That’s about all they have. They have no morals and they think they’re better than everyone else when the opposite is true.

Among the most irritating aspects of following politics and the news today is that too much bullshit is being spread, in lieu of actual fact. I get why the Republicans do it; they have an embarrassment sitting in the White House and making them feel like morons. The bullshit makes the current state of their party bearable to them.

But why do people on the left do it? Truth and facts are the only things we actually have in our favor; we need credibility and we need trust to be able to do good things on behalf of the American people.

Just yesterday, someone tried to bullshit me. In what would seem to be a desperate attempt to smear Joe Biden, They tried to claim that Obama and Biden bailed out the banks, which is easily provable as false. They also claimed the bailouts didn’t work. In fact, when I objected and pointed out that Obama didn’t pass the bailout bills, they presented proof that Obama did, in fact, bail out the banks, but the text of the article showed that the bailouts worked.

Then, apropos of nothing at all, this same unicorn lefty then pointed out that “Obamacare” was a huge giveaway t health insurance companies, which another factoid that is easily and provably false. For one thing, the ACA put a ton of restrictions on the insurance companies, including requirements that they cover almost literally EVERYTHING. They can no longer deny coverage to people based on cost, they can no longer limit the amount they can spend on healthcare for a particular patient, and they have to spend at least 80-85 percent of all premiums collected on healthcare, and rebate any unused money to premium payers. In addition, those providing care are required to provide outcome-based care. Therefore, no money-making segment of the healthcare system gets a free ride, at least courtesy of the Affordable Care Act.

Put simply, if you read the law (Source), you will find a lot of very important restrictions and regulations on health insurance providers. And since they have to accept pretty much everyone who applies, you cannot call the ACA a “giveaway to the insurance company, at least with any credibility. I expect lies from the Republicans who are trying to kill the law and take health insurance away from millions. But for so-called “progressives” to do that is inexcusable.

What’s funny is, this person referred to me as “brainwashed” because I insisted they stick to facts. They wanted teen-age in a diatribe against “capitalism,” as if it wasn’t the only economic system so far that created a “middle class” when there had never been one before. There isn’t a “free country” on the planet that doesn’t have a capitalist system, and while there are problems with capitalism, it’s brought greater freedom than any other economic system. Of course, I mean regulated capitalism, but that goes without saying. Unregulated capitalism brings pain and is very bad, but regulated capitalism is the economic system embedded in the constitution. Therefore, blanket denunciations of “capitalism” as being horrible are also bullshit.

Also, before you repeat something you read on a professional left blog, you should know I’ve heard them all before, and I know which are truthful and which are fanciful bullshit.

  • When you tell me the bailouts in 2008 were Obama’s brainchild, you should know that’s just a load of crap. Congress passed and Bush signed the bailout bill in October 2008, which was before Obama was elected. (Source: ) The only effect Obama had was in the implementation of the bill, when he demanded that all banks pay the money back and put a condition on the money, saying they had to pay the money back, in order to collect bonuses or get government contracts. (Source)
  • When you tell me the Affordable Care Act was a dead giveaway to private health insurance, all it demonstrates to me is that you know nothing about the law. I’ll also point out that none other than Donald Trump made the same claim (ahem) and the fact finders at Politifact proved it false. (Source)
  • When you tell me “capitalism” itself is somehow evil, I will require you to show me one successful democracy that doesn’t have capitalism as its economic system. It’s really easy to whine and bitch and moan about “capitalism” as an immoral system, but without your citation for us in which another economic system has been used that has been at least as good, if not better, your whine is an empty one. We have a system in which two guys working out of a garage can build a company that eventually employs tens of thousands of people and sell billions of smartphones and computers. Does it need a lot of adjustment? You bet. Does it need to be fairer? Absolutely. But the problem isn’t “capitalism” itself, it’s how we implement it.
  • And this one is probably the most important load of crap a lefty can tell me; that the “establishments” of both major parties are equally as corrupt. Please don’t even try that. This blog is replete with proof that both parties are anything but the same. In fact, they’ve never been more different. In 1964 and 1965, a key reason the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act passed was because 80 percent of the GOP caucus voted for both. About that time, the “Southern Strategy” was taking hold, which means the GOP was recruiting the white racist base that now controls the Party. Back in the day, the Democratic Party was the party of racists, but now, it’s the party of all people. People of Color are now the Democratic Party base, while white racists are the GOP base. White liberals demand they be in charge of the Democratic Party, but at what cost? When you look at campaign finance, which some folks look at too simplistically, you will find that fossil fuel interests support the GOP at 3-5 times the rate f the Democratic Party, while most of the Democratic Party’s support still comes from unions, trial lawyers and academics.

Stop with the bullshit, lefties. We don’t need it. What we do need is a greater emphasis on facts and truth because the old adage is true; “truth has a liberal bias.” There have always been few comparisons to be made regarding Democrats, but these days, the two parties are farther apart than ever. Picking apart Obama and Hillary may feel nice and make you feel “nonpartison,” but how can you expect to be taken seriously when you lie in the attempt?

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