Bubble Progressives

I’m apparently supposed to be scared to death right now.  Apparently, I am supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble in her presidential run, and that I should be afraid because half the population plans to vote for Donald Trump.

Okay, that’s not the only reason I should be worried. I should also be worried because, well, a whole lot of people pan to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson and could swing the election to Trump. And I should be scared to death because these people say they’re acting on “principle” and there is no convincing someone with “principled” to not make a “principled” stand. I’m told that I should be worried that “the polls” are saying that the race is close because Trump is currently within 2-4 points in the national polls and we all know that every poll after Labor Day is incredibly accurate.

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere… and not a drop of common sense.

The media bubble is the one telling us all that Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. The problem is, they want a horse race because they have been convinced that people only pay attention to the news when the race is close, so they’re doing everything they can to make people think it’s closer than it is. That’s why they are patently unfair to Clinton and why they hardly notice Trump’s many failings. Here’s a hint, journalists; “Many people are talking about…” is NOT a news story. “There are questions about…” is not a news story. In fact, it is YOUR JOB to answer the questions, not to turn the questions into a news story.

In other words, the people who are telling us the race is “too close to call” are not doing their job. Of course it’s too close to call! There are six weeks to go, for Crissakes! Please, kindly point to a year in which a poll taken in mid-September accurately predicted the results of an election. I’ll wait.

Which leads to the second bubble; the poll bubble. I love Nate Silver and the others at Five-thirty-eight. I do. But they do live and work in a bubble. Their bubble is all about answers to questions by people who may actually be lying to pollsters. So, when Nate Silver warns us to be careful, he is speaking from a bubble that is surrounded by polls of varying quality that other people conducted. And while, yes, he has been remarkably accurate in predicting election results in the past, might I remind you that he’s accurate in picking election results in the last few days before an election. That anyone should get excited over polling trends six weeks out indicates that someone is too invested in the polling phenomenon.

Another bubble is the professional left bubble, which is just as egocentric as the right wing bubble much of the time. If you are still claiming you hate Hillary and you blame Democrats for anything, you are suffering from the misinformation that comes with living in the pro left bubble. I know… you’ve been told that Hillary is a horrible shrew who kills babies and plans to slaughter people when she takes office. Well, I hate to break it to you, but she’s really a very good progressive. Her entire career has been spent helping women, children and the poor and she has championed some of the most progressive ideas in history. I know, I know… Bernie marched with King. Of course, Bernie is telling us that any good progressive must vote for Hillary on November 8, but now, many Bernie Stans have turned against him because of that support and called him a sell-out.

That’s the problem with living in a bubble; you have no concept of either facts or reality. All you know is what others in the bubble tell you. For example, if one more unicorn progressive tells me that Hillary Clinton was a strong supporter of “the bankruptcy bill,” I’m going to scream. I wrote a screed on this earlier this year, when Bernie Stans were croaking about it during the primaries, but suffice it to say, it’s NOT TRUE. She also didn’t kill women and children around the world as Secretary of State, she had no say on the “Crime Bill” and she has apologized for voting for the AUMF, which, by the way, did NOT authorize the Iraq War. Oh, yeah; and she didn’t stop advocating for expanded health insurance when she lost out in 1994. When you keep on saying that, I know you are under the impression it makes you sound like a “good progressive,” but it also makes you sound like a complete dope. The AUMF that Hillary and almost every other Democrat voted for, only authorized Bush to go to war against al Qaeda and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Why the hell do you think the early versions of ISIL were referred to by the Bushies as “al Qaeda in Iraq” as they festered and grew? It’s because that was how the Bushies rationalized the Iraq War. Therefore, not only are you full of shit when you say “Hillary voted for the Iraq War,” given that she has apologized and said she wouldn’t do it knowing what she knows now, but it’s also technically inaccurate to say that. Hey, that’s a “two-fer” of ignorance. Also, Hillary did not stop advocating for universal health care after her loss in 1994; it was a centerpiece of her Senate career.

The pro left bubble is the worst one because a lot of “progressives” are being lied to on a daily basis and they don’t even realize it. If  you believe Jill Stein is a progressive, you’re not dealing with the real world. I mean, Gary Johnson is bad enough. He is running as a LIBERTARIAN, folks. That means he embraces a right wing agenda, except for being for the legalization of marijuana and being irrationally anti-war. Everything else? He wants to cut aid to the poor, he wants to abolish the minimum wage and his view of “gun rights” is eerily close to that of the NRA. In other words, it makes sense for a Republican who can’t support Trump to vote for him, but for a progressive to do so is pure madness. Sure, I want pot legal, but not at the cost of the minimum wage staying the same or even going down. And we need stricter gun control than we have now, meaning, well, we need some gun control.

However, Jill Stein? Sure, she’s running as the Green Party candidate, but only because she glommed onto them in a quest for name recognition. Her overall goal is to get 5% of the vote, so that the Greens can have permanent ballot status in all 50 states. That’s the same goal Ralph Nader had in 2000. The thing is, the Greens should have permanent ballot status by now, except that they suck at politics. Start at the grass roots and win local elections and work up, and that happens. The thing is, Stein is a physician who is essentially an anti-vaxxer, even though she denies it at te moment. Her platform is also a load of crap, full of crap that the president has no power to get done. She and her followers don’t seem to have the same problem that Trump and his supporters have, in that they don’t understand that the word “president” means she “presides” over one-third of the government. Without the other two-thirds behind her, she’s not doing diddly, and hasn’t that been te problem for the last six years? President Obama has been able to to less than he wanted because progressives saddled him with a Republican Congress that ws hell-bent on making his life miserable and opposing anything he wanted to do. Imagine a Green President, with BOTH parties opposing her and with her opposing both parties?

Not that she has a chance of winning, anyway. Get out of your bubble and look around. The president is elected by winning the most state electors, and there is no chance that either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein will win even one electoral vote. Not a single one. And Jill Stein not only won’t reach her 5% dream, she will be lucky to get to 2%. That would be a minor miracle.

Get out of your bubbles. Hillary Clinton has to win the presidency. If you are still crying and whining about her beating Bernie Sanders, you’re an egomaniac who doesn’t care about the country. This is NOT a “lesser of two evils” election; that’s your bubble talking. There is nothing evil about Hillary; most of the bullshit you blame her for is the result of your immersion in whichever bubble you have allowed yourself to be snowed by. There is ONE evil candidate in this election, and his name is Donald Trump. If you would break out of your bubble, you might actually know that.

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