Bush Once Again Screws Our Soldiers

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of these idiots telling us they love the troops. You simply do not go into two wars without beefing up the medical apparatus, in anticipation of the possible casualties. And you prepare for the worst, besides…

And look at the total amount of money we’re talking about. ONE BILLION PER YEAR???

They’ve been given almost $500 billion over the last 4+ years; are they telling us they couldn’t budget $5 billion of that to prepare for the casualties?

Add that to the $8 billion total it would have cost to provide armored Humvees and the $2 billion it would have cost to provide body armor for every soldier.

Do you need MORE evidence that all of your money is going to Bush’s contractor buddies??

From: Bush Panel Seeks Upgrade in Military Care – New York Times.

A presidential panel on military and veterans health care released a report Wednesday concluding that the system was insufficient for the demands of two modern wars and called for improvements, including far-reaching changes in the way the government determines the disability status and benefits of injured soldiers and veterans.

The bipartisan commission made 35 recommendations that included expanded and improved treatment of traumatic brain injuries and the type of post-traumatic stress disorders that overwhelmed public mental health facilities during the Vietnam era but remain stigmatized to this day.

President Bush told reporters at the White House late Wednesday that he had directed Robert M. Gates, the defense secretary, and Jim Nicholson, secretary of veterans affairs, “to take them seriously, and to implement them, so that we can say with certainty that any soldier who has been hurt will get the best possible care and treatment that this government can offer.”

The commission said fully carrying out its recommendations would cost $500 million a year for the time being, and $1 billion annually years from now as the current crop of fresh veterans and active military members ages and new personnel is in place.

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