Bye Bye Right Wingers

Newsweek has a new poll, which has Obama ahead of McCain by 52%-41%, but I’m ignoring head-to-head polls this year, because they all seem to be wrong. This election has been trending to the Democrats all year. It wouldn’t matter if the nominee was Obama or Clinton, the Democrat was going to win this year, and the polls that had the race within 2-5 points were just wrong.

But there’s a more startling indicator that Democrats are going to ride a tsunami into office in the next 25 days.

The same poll has a whopping 86% of Americans dissatisfied with the direction of the country, and pissed off at the status quo. Only ten percent of those polled are satisfied, and they’re probably rich, and don’t care about anyone else.

And make no mistake, right wingers. They know who deserves the blame; the right wing incarnation of the Republican Party. They know who got us here, and why, and that means Democrats are going to take over the government in a wave unlike any that’s swept the government in 76 years…

Note that the satisfaction/dissatisfaction numbers reported by Newsweek are the lowest/highest ever recorded in that poll.

Election 2008
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