Repost: Cutting the Crap on Campaign Finances: “Wall Street” Doesn’t Support Dems. At All.

I’m reposting this because I feel that I need to. Also, WordPress is being buggy and won’t allow me to re-copy the tables below intact. But this is for everyone who’s told that Democrats are just as “beholden” to “corporations” and “Wall Street” as Republicans. It’s not even CLOSE, really.

Reposted from Jan 2010: A Proposal to Replace Our System of Bribery

I first wrote and published this on January 25, 2010, and it’s worth repeating… (note; some of the lobbying proposals were adopted after I wrote this originally, which is why some things may seem familiar. It was also written before Citizens United.) ================ It’s way past time for lobbying and

Why Are So Many “Progressives” Helping Citizens United Win?

I am so tired of having to write this sort of piece. I need to be in full campaign mode, as does everyone else who calls themselves either "liberal" or "progressive." There's a point, every other year, when you put aside your whining about your pet issues that most other