Bullying is Always Wrong, in the NFL on the Internet or Anywhere Else

I abhor bullying in all its forms. I have since I was in my teens. I was bullied was a kid, and I sometimes engaged in bullying back then, too. I am equally sorry for both. There was/is nothing redeeming about being on either end of it. Nothing. It’s wrong

PRISM Does NOT Violate the Fourth Amendment, No Matter What Oliver Stone Says.

The overwrought nature of the concern over the NSA surveillance activities that were supposedly “uncovered” by Edward Snowden is alternately hilarious and frightening, and it is severely misplaced. It is highly cynical and either displays an extreme level of ignorance or, if we’re to look at it a bit cynically,

Cutting the Crap on the Snowden Q & A With the Guardian

If the Guardian wants to salvage any credibility at all, they need to jettison Glenn Greenwald. They should also apologize for giving this guy free rein, with no editorial control. It’s one thing to set up a blog and let him blather on with his opinions. But a news organization

Chick-fil-A; It’s Not About Free Speech, Its About the Bigotry!

First, they complained about the StopRush movement, which seeks to inform advertisers as to what their advertising money is actually going to when it supported the Rush Limbaugh Daily Crap-athon. There’s never been an overt attempt to get Limbaugh off the air; all anyone seeks to do is to allow

Separation of Church/State IS Absolute, Santorum

It’s weird how many so-called “strict constitutionalists” don’t seem to have read the Constitution. If they have read it, they don’t understand what they read. While there are some on the left who don’t seem to understand it much, either (you can’t simply round up “banksters” and throw them in

Sometimes, Free Speech is Painful: The Supremes Consider Phelps v. Snyder

Okay, folks, this should be a no-brainer for those of us who actually care about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I know I’m going to take some flak for this one… The Supreme Court is hearing the case of Phelps v. Snyder, which is a case involving the

A Suicide in New Jersey; Will Our Society EVER Grow Up?

Not everything can be fixed with a law, and sometimes it doesn't even make sense to try. We have a much deeper problem in this country, and we need to address it, not create another law to paper it over.  One of the more tragic news stories in recent memory

Burning the Koran? They’d Better Hope There’s No Such Thing as Karma, Huh?

(You might want to read this whole thing, because there's a great video at the end…) If you haven’t heard, a so-called Christian “Reverend” named Terry Jones plans to hold a Koran burning this coming Saturday in Gainesville, Florida, to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed

Limbaugh Finally Admits It: Civil Rights No Big Deal to the Far Right…

You know, sometimes you see something that just makes your jaw come apart and fall to the ground. I had always suspected that the right wing didn't care about an individuals; not really, anyway. Oh, sure, they don't want anyone to mess with their guns. Of course, they don't want

Before Singing Kumbaya at Happy Hour, Consider The Power of Police

I have to do this now because after today, everything about the Henry Louis Gates fiasco will be forgotten. Pictures of Smiling Barack, Smiling Skip and Smiling Sgt. Crowley all holding beers and possibly singing Kumbaya will be all over the news, and everything will change. After today, the cause

The Gates Fiasco is Not About Racism; It’s Worse.

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates was not arrested because he was black, and the police officer who arrested him is not a racist.   I actually think it's worse than that. I think this is about something that has been developing over the last 30 years, in which we have

Stop Blaming Blacks For Proposition 8!

Look folks, you really have to stop blaming black people for the demise of Proposition 8. There were a lot of reasons why it failed, but it wasn't the perceived "betrayal" of African-Americans, and such a characterization is unfair and untrue.   Let's start with the fact that, according to

Let’s Cut The Crap: Civil Rights Can Never Be Decided by Majority Vote

You know, I'm sick of all of the lies, the subterfuge and outright fraud that accompanies the issue of whether or not gays get married. I'm tired of all of the referenda, and the democratic treatment of an issue that is a basic equal rights issue, and has nothing to

NRA Sells Out: Endorses “One of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the Second Amendment”

Wow. I’m stunned.  The National Rifle Association has endorsed John McCain. Not only that, but they have embarked on a $40 million ad buy, where they lie their asses off about Barack Obama, and his alleged desire to take away everyone’s guns. Okay, let me dispatch the lies in the

Please Cut the Crap, Andrew Cuomo!

You know what? Censorship is forbidden by the US Constitution, and pretty much all state constitutions. So why is it that so many politicians think it’s a fair trade to allow some censorship, in return for an illusion of a modicum of "safety"? As some of you are aware, Andrew