The Scourge of the Progressive Movement

Let me ask you a question. Now, this question is rhetorical, so I don’t expect you to answer it for me, although there is a comment section, so feel free. If there is something you should have learned about by … Continue reading

Grey Shades

I really get it. I do. Is there a human being on the planet who doesn’t want everything in life to be purely black or white? We want everything to be easy, not hard. everything in life should be either … Continue reading

Republican Exceptionalism or, March of the Perverts

In May, I turn 58. I have been going in to public restrooms by myself since first grade, so that’s more than a half century. In a half century, I can honestly say that I am unaware of anyone checking … Continue reading

Informational Responsibility

I’m currently living in Tucson, Arizona. Everyone who lives here knows all about Interstate 19, which is a relatively short leg of Interstate highway that goes from the southern part of Tucson and empties out in Nogales, Arizona, which is … Continue reading

Guest Post: Media Collaborators Help Drumpf Terrify Kids

(Here’s another great post by SueinRockville, one of the brightest regular callers to the Stephanie Miller Show, who is also a mother, grandmother & former Director of a vibrant Preschool & Kindergarten as well as a Parent Educator for over … Continue reading

A Dose of Reality

One of the more irritating aspects of this primary election season is pretty much the same thing that bothered me about 2008. A certain strain of “progressives” seems to have this tendency to deify one candidate and trash the other … Continue reading

Journalistic Standards? Where?

There are a lot of annoying aspects to the candidacy of one Donald J. Drumpf. Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s the best thing to happen to America ever; the Republican Party is being exposed for the trash heap … Continue reading

Opposition to TPP Tends to Be Silly

I get it. Many who read this blog and many people who label themselves “progressive” hate the very idea of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; you know, the dreaded TPP. But have you ever asked them why they hate the TPP? I … Continue reading

The Sound of Democracy is Sometimes Screechy

You know what? No one ever said that democracy was pretty. In fact, it’s the opposite of pretty, as we’re seeing lately. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a movement that began in the post-war era, as grown … Continue reading

A Less-Than-Super Tuesday for Bernie

When I went to sleep last night, probably a bit later than someone who awakens at five every morning should go to sleep, I did so knowing that Bernie Sanders had pulled of a bit of an upset and I … Continue reading