Who’s Voting for Trump?

First of all, let’s get this out of the way… Donald Trump does not want to be elected president. You can tell, if you look closely enough. Ever since it was apparent he was going to outlast the rest of … Continue reading

The Real Founders of ISIL

Donald Trump seems to be confused, but he’s not. When it comes to talking about ISIL/Daesh, Trump is doing what he’s done all along; his people are listening to and reading the professional right wing and he’s mimicking whatever they … Continue reading

Take the Threat Seriously

I am not usually one of those who worries easily. Most of the time, when a Republican says something stupid or somewhat threatening, I find it hard to take them seriously. For example, when some GOP idiot gets on the … Continue reading

Little Donnie: Worse Than Bush

As all of you know, I think – no, I’m actually certain – that George W. Bush was the worst president in history. The main reason his presidency was so bad was because he simply wasn’t up for the job. … Continue reading

Trump: Dead Man Walking? We Can’t Afford to Think So

I have been saying all along that Donald Trump is not running for president because he wants to be president. All of us thought he would have a snowball’s chance in hell because we figured the GOP and the RNC … Continue reading

Trump Really IS the GOP

Why are so many people acting as if Trump is something new from the GOP? It’s almost as if the media is bending over backward to insinuate that Trump is some sort of anomaly. They are trying really hard to … Continue reading

Donnie, Paulie & Vlad? Is Trump a Clear & Present Danger to U.S.?

by @SueinRockville – Originally posted at Daily Kos Most people have no idea who Trump’s Campaign Manager Paul Manafort (aka “Paulie Walnuts”) really is. Wikipedia states that he has been involved in Republican political campaigns since 1976. Besides helping candidates … Continue reading