And Then the Bushies Lie About the Economy

This is just a crock in so many ways. But the rhetoric contained therein actually bolsters my argument, that our economy is built on a foundation of pudding; our ‘prosperity" is all smoke and mirrors. From: Reuters: Paulson says subprime … Continue reading

Stock Market Tumbles, Dow Down 311 Points — Sell or Ride It Out?

Gawd, I feel almost psychic. Read this carefully folks… From: Stock Market Tumbles, Dow Down 311 Points — Sell or Ride It Out?. The joy and jubilation that just last week sent Wall Street to record highs vanished today as … Continue reading

Hey YOU! Think this is a Great Economy? Are You HIGH?

by Milt Shook Hey you!   Yeah, I’m talking to you!   How do you think the economy’s doing? If you think it’s going great, raise your hands!   Wow, that’s a lot of hands… guess it’s going really well, … Continue reading

Ford Fakes $750M 2Q Profit – Pretends 37,000 Job Cuts are Revenue Increases…

See, this is the kind of crap I’m talking about, economically speaking. Check out the incredible financial doublespeak in this thing… Link: Ford Posts $750M 2Q Profit: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance. Ford Motor Co. surprised Wall Street Thursday with … Continue reading

Who Didn’t See This One Coming?

From Lender Sees Mortgage Woes for ‘Good’ Risks – New York Times. Countrywide Financial, the nation’s largest mortgage lender, said yesterday that more borrowers with good credit were falling behind on their loans and that the housing market might not … Continue reading