A Look at Where We Are Compared to 4 Years Ago. We’re Much Better Off. Thanks, President Obama

Blaming President Obama for all of the bad things in the economy is just absurd. If you want to blame someone, feast your eyes on the Republican Party.  George W. Bush and the GOP Congress watched and congratulated themselves as … Continue reading

Obama’s Created More jobs in Two years Than Bush Did in Eight

On April 1, I Tweeted the following statement, and it was not a joke: More jobs created under Obama in 2 years than were created in eight under Bush. When I made the initial statement last Friday, some silly person … Continue reading

Wherein We Cut Some Frank Luntz Crapola on Wall Street Reform

You know, while many people look upon Frank Luntz as a political genius, most of the time, he’s little more than a right wing con man. And now, he’s set his sights on the financial services reform that sits in … Continue reading

Are You Pissed Off Enough Yet? Only a Moron Will Vote GOP in November

The next time someone tells me there’s no difference between  Democrats and Republicans, I swear I’ll kick 'em in the shins. Ok. I won’t. I’m amazingly non-violent. But I’ll still call you an ignorant sop, because while neither party is … Continue reading

At The Top of the List: Financial Reform — Lottery Capitalism Has to GO!

For those of you who have just started reading this series of columns, I am discussing the “lottery capitalist” mentality that has gripped our economy and threatens to strangle it if we don’t wake up and fight it off. I … Continue reading

Broadcasting Industry in Danger — Lottery Capitalists Run Amok

The Communications Act of 1934 was one of the most important pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. It established the reality that we the people own the airwaves and those who broadcast over them merely possess a license to … Continue reading

Cutting it Deep: Supply-Side is NOT Capitalism; Right Wingers HATE Capitalism!

Let's start by making something crystal clear; for all of their talk, the right wing is not a fan of capitalism.They like it when their heroes make a lot of money, but as organized crime, Enron and Jack Abramoff have … Continue reading

The Absurdity of Preserving Profit in the Health Insurance Industry

You know, one component of the health insurance reform debate that has always puzzled me is this notion that somehow health insurance companies are entitled to make a profit for using your money to pay for your health care.  It's … Continue reading

How The Neocons Screwed Us, And Why We Can’t Let It Happen Again

I hope no one is betting the farm on Congress being able to tax AIG bonuses to get the money back. The Constitution kind of forbids that sort of thing, and for good reason. Say the party in power was … Continue reading

Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya! The Neocons Screwed Our Economy

One of the more fascinating arguments used by right wingers to justify their continued belief in the ridiculous concept of supply-side economics, or "trickle-down" as they like to call it, is the truly hilarious argument that "private investment in markets … Continue reading

Bank Execs Bonuses Should Go to Pay Their Bail

It’s time to speak up, folks. And I’m not just talking about me, and other bloggers ranting about this; I’m talking about every single citizen writing their Congressperson, using an actual card or a letter and inundating their staffs with … Continue reading

Pity The Rich People Who Lost Money in the Markets? They Can Kiss My Ass!

I’m tired of this crap. Why do these right wing idiots and so many economic "experts" bitch so much about how those poor put-upon rich people are suffering far more than the rest of us due to the collapse of … Continue reading

Making Money From the Messes They Made, When They Should be on the Way to Jail

This has to stop, folks. Apparently, a couple of former executives at Countrywide have gone into business for themselves. Now, for those of you who have really short memories, Countrywide was pretty much at the epicenter of the mortgage meltdown, … Continue reading

David Gregory’s Question Deserves an Answer

David Gregory's Latest Tweet: Q for Obama on housing: does keeping people in their homes (who can't afford to be there) help the economy or is it only social policy? deserves an answer… With apologies to President Obama, I'm going … Continue reading

Republican Stupid Idea of the Day: Nationalize the Banks!

Was I dreaming? Didn't the Republican noise machine spend the last few months of the presidential campaign trying to portray Barack Obama as a socialist? So, what the hell is this? This is from Lindsay Graham yesterday, speaking on ABC's … Continue reading