Right Wingers on NRO: 50 De-Stimulating Myths Disguised as “Fact”

One of the worst aspects of the "debate" over the economic stimulus package has to be the sophistry exhibited by the far right when discussing  the issue. One of the purest examples of the bullshit coming from the far right was in The National Review Online this morning, in the

Cutting the Crap: Conservative, My Ass!

You know, I rarely agree with David Frum on anything, but much of his assessment of the McCain campaign in  this morning's Washington Post hits the nail pretty much on the head. Here's an excerpt: There are many ways to lose a presidential election. John McCain is losing in a

It’s Time to Hand The Reins of Government Back to the Adults

There is a great article in this morning's New York Times about the sense of "risk and reward" Democrats will feel, should they win the presidency, and strong majorities in the House and the Senate. Essentially, as the article points out very well, Democrats relish the opportunity to run the

Obama’s Single-Handedly Reforming Campaign Finance: McCain Worried

John McCain made me laugh my ass off today. I know, I usually laugh my ass off, but this had to be the most clueless thing I have ever seen in my life.  You see, McCain seems to be quite concerned about Obama’s effect on the campaign finance system. Read

Don’t You Even THINK of Not Voting!

To paraphrase a very popular presidential candidate just a couple of weeks ago, the best advice I can give to absolutely everyone is… Don’t get cocky! If you look at all the signs, and if you know anything about politics, everything is in place for a decisive Democratic win on

Why Would Anyone Endorse McCain?

It seems that Barack Obama is kicking John McCain’s "you know what" in the newspaper endorsement department. But why isn’t it a shutout? Who the hell would endorse McCain, except for the hardest-core  right wingers? I decided to look into it, and examine why these people are endorsing Gramps. From

Washington Post Endorses Barack Obama for President

Link: Barack Obama for President. THE NOMINATING process this year produced two unusually talented and qualified presidential candidates. There are few public figures we have respected more over the years than Sen. John McCain. Yet it is without ambivalence that we endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president. The choice is

McCain’s Ties to Saddam Even Closer Than Obama’s ties to Ayers

In today’s Huffington Post, Murray Wass reports that William Timmons, John McCain’s handpicked transition chief (and he says that Obama’s "picking out curtains"?), once lobbied on behalf of Saddam Hussein, to try to reduce sanctions against Iraq. But it’s actually worse than that: William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John

McCain is Right; Obama’s Up For the Job, McCain is Not

One has to wonder if John McCain even wants to win these days. Over this past weekend, McCain finally figured out that two weeks of calling Obama a “terrorist” actually lost him more votes than he gained. Apparently, someone on his campaign staff thought it was a good idea, because

Caribou Barbie Abused Power; Will McCain Continue to Associate With Her?

Well, well… This is what happens when you make a rash, purely political appointment, without vetting the appointee thoroughly and completely. Today, the Alaskan legislature, which is majority Republican, voted to release a report by a non-partisan investigator, hired by a Republican majority legislative council, that declares that Governor Sarah