We Need to Drive the Eeyores out of politics

The ability of human beings to rationalize everything in a way to make someone else at fault is nothing short of remarkable. Probably the best examples I have ever seen of this phenomenon has come after the 2000, 2004, 2010 and 2014 elections, as so many “progressives” scramble to find

To Democrats and “Independents” Who Might Vote Republican — WTF?????

Whether you’re a Democrat who is pissed off at your own party for some stupid reason, or you’re an “independent” who wants to “send a message” to someone, somewhere, for some other stupid reason, this is what you’re voting for if you vote for ANY Republican: You favor cutting off

Republicans: C***-Blocking the future; Even More Bills

The purpose of this series of posts (This is number four — scroll down for the others) is to give you ammunition. Ammunition for all of those friends and others from all sides of the political spectrum who blame Democrats who are not getting things done, when there are 375

Here’s Hoping Democrats Take the Right Lessons From Yesterday

Democrats, please don’t take the wrong lessons from yesterday’s primary elections. If I see one more media “expert” tell me the vote turned out the way it did because voters are pissed at incumbents in general, I think I’ll scream. As you listen to these people, keep in mind; these