To Democrats and “Independents” Who Might Vote Republican — WTF?????

Whether you’re a Democrat who is pissed off at your own party for some stupid reason, or you’re an “independent” who wants to “send a message” to someone, somewhere, for some other stupid reason, this is what you’re voting for … Continue reading

Republicans: C***-Blocking the future; Even More Bills

The purpose of this series of posts (This is number four — scroll down for the others) is to give you ammunition. Ammunition for all of those friends and others from all sides of the political spectrum who blame Democrats … Continue reading

Here’s Hoping Democrats Take the Right Lessons From Yesterday

Democrats, please don’t take the wrong lessons from yesterday’s primary elections. If I see one more media “expert” tell me the vote turned out the way it did because voters are pissed at incumbents in general, I think I’ll scream. … Continue reading