A Reminder Why Ted Nugent is the Perfect Mascot for Today’s GOP

I subscribe to a number of right wing newsletters and email lists using a throwaway email account, so that I can keep up with their shenanigans and talk about it once in a while. And it seems like every quarter or so, one of these “causes” touts the “wisdom” of right wing “demi-god” Ted Nugent as a fundraising tool. (And I use the word “tool” advisedly here). Apparently, Nugent is among the best fundraisers they have, despite the inherent hypocrisy of using such people to promote an ideology that throws around the term “family values” as much as they do.

Ted Nugent is one of the greatest bullshit artists of all time, and he is paying his bills by preying upon the far right idiot horde, currently known as the Republican Party. To hear them tell it, Nugent was once a rock and roll icon. You’d think he was a masterful guitarist with a huge following, rather than the mediocre talent with a big mouth that he actually was. He’s released more than 30 albums, and only two sold more than one million copies, including one with a group called Damn Yankees, whose biggest draw was Styx lead singer Tommy Shaw.

As a guitarist, he’s considered average, which is strange given that he claims to have performed more than 6,000 concerts over the 55-year professional career he claims to have had. Of course, since he’s only 64, and it’s unlikely he goes back that far, so like everything else, that claim is bullshit, too. He actual career started in 1967. Nugent is like Kim Kardashian; he’s great at attracting attention. However, unlike Kim, he claims to have talent he doesn’t actually have. Continue reading “A Reminder Why Ted Nugent is the Perfect Mascot for Today’s GOP”

With Ebola, GOP scares people into staying home. Press helps.

There is no greater example of the national press absolutely dropping the ball on coverage of a story than the current Ebola panic of 2014.

Keep in mind, the number one strategy of the Republican Party is to drive down turnout. And the most efficient way to drive down turnout is to make people afraid of the future and distrustful of their government. Republicans don’t care about their base; they know those wackos will turn out in large numbers, no matter what they do or don’t do. They want to keep non-Republicans from showing up at the polls in any great numbers. That’s why Ebola seem so scary, even though there have been fewer than a half-dozen cases and only one death in a country of 310 million people.

But modern-day journalists don’t do their job. Perhaps unwittingly, they actually assist the Republican Party in dispensing their fear mongering and making people think their government is too incompetent to protect them, even though in this case that’s exactly what they did. Here are the facts. A man went to a private hospital for treatment, was diagnosed with Ebola and was allowed to potentially affect a couple dozen other people. A private hospital. it was and then Obamacare hospital, as I heard it described at least once. It was a private for-profit hospital. once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was notified, the disease was contained. Well, except for once, when a licensed medical professional who works for NBC News left quarantine to go get soup, and then proceeded to blame it on her “crew.” But I might remind the folks in the media that Nancy Snyderman also does not work for the government, and does not work for the Obama administration. Continue reading “With Ebola, GOP scares people into staying home. Press helps.”

Sean Hannity Demonstrates Why The Right Needs to GO!

You know what’s wrong with America these days? How about 34 years of inordinate influence by right wing thoughts and beliefs, especially since they took over the Republican Party. Right wingers simply do not represent real American values. The most obvious areas where this is the case are in the areas of guns and illegal immigration.

Start with guns.

Guns are not magical instruments that prevent those who carry them from all harm. They are consumer products designed to kill. And unless you live on a farm or a ranch, the purpose of your gun is to kill people. Period. Don’t give me the silliness about shooting at targets or at shooting ranges. Yes, people hunt, and that’s fine. But most gunloons cite protection as their main purpose for carrying a gun. And the only way a gun can protect you from harm is if the gun kills the target, which is usually human.

We allow law enforcement officials to carry guns — sometimes very large and powerful guns — to protect people. There is usually no problem with that. Some law enforcement officers overstep their bounds, but for the most part, these are highly trained and responsible individuals. Plus, if an officer oversteps his bounds, in most cases the victimized person or family can sue.

Now, let’s discuss the “problem” of illegal immigration. Continue reading “Sean Hannity Demonstrates Why The Right Needs to GO!”

Bill O’Reilly Gets It Ass Backward, As Usual

Surprise! Bill O’Reilly actually said something true in this video excerpt from the O’Reilly Factor!

He is right. He is a simple man. As in simple minded. Although the people he’s speaking to (his audience, I mean) are actually simpler than he is. He’s discussing the Supreme Court’s twin rulings on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8, and even harkens back to the Roberts opinion on the legality of Obamacare, in order to make the case that we now have three “political concerns” in this country; the House, Senate and the Supreme Court. Strange that he left out the Executive Branch in that. But his rationale for making this claim are ass backward. Watch the video, and then I’ll discuss what he’s saying here.

 See what I mean? Ass backwards. Continue reading “Bill O’Reilly Gets It Ass Backward, As Usual”

Mark Williams: Exhibit One that Teabaggers are Racist.(Part one of a series)

I am sick to death
of the Tea Party bullshit. I’ve just plain had it.

First of all, I refuse to take them seriously as a "movement." It's not a movement; it's your classic "astroturf." A number of rich crooks are taking advantage of the most ignorant assholes in our society and they're using them to raise money. 

Now, I will admit that, for a long time, I
was among those delusional folks who tried to be

 diplomatic and give them the
benefit of the doubt.  Yes, I am among
those who have said in the past that “some of the points the Tea Party makes
are valid.” 

I was wrong.


I have spent the
last several weeks examining the Tea Party, and I’m here to tell you; there’s no
there there.  The Tea Party “movement” obviously
has nothing to do with patriotism, and there is no corollary between what these
ignorant assholes say and do and any of the events that led to the
revolutionary war. After examining this charade and its elements, I’m here to
tell you;  this entire “movement” is
nothing more than an attempt by moneyed interests to motivate stupid, ignorant,
racist crackers to put them back into power.


Yes, I said
stupid, I said ignorant and I said racist. And I am setting out to prove all three. 

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UPDATED!! Finally, ACORN Takes on the Fox News and the Right Wing Fart Machine

I really don't
understand why they waited so long. I've been rooting for them to fight back
for well over a year.  But finally, The
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN
(I'm sure you've heard of them by now), has started to fight back against Fox
News and the far right's smear campaign. They may sue them, and could possibly even bring criminal charges.


The right wing fart machine's demonization of ACORN has been absolutely unfair, and
if defamation laws in this country weren't so pro-defamer, they would have been
called out a long time ago.  Look at the
number of times ACORN was mentioned in my
Deconstruction of right wing health care lies
for a hint. And let me assure you, ACORN
has nothing to do with health care, although they might point you to a clinic,
if you ask. They're nice people. 

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Megyn Kelly of Faux News… a Lying Sack

Apparently, Fox News has decided the Jerry Springer Show should be their future model for "news" interviews.

For any of you who call us liars because we say that Fox News is full of shit about 90% of the time, we offer this interview. Not only is Megyn Kelly a liar, but she apparently thinks shouting the lies louder than someone else somehow makes them more true. She should be embarrassed., although she works for Fox — shame seems to be impossible for them. Watch the video, and I'll explain why she's a goddamn liar. (And Megyn, if you're reading this, I DARE you to sue me…):

Is that amazing, or what? First of all Megyn, you can't use the terms voter fraud and election fraud as if they both mean the same thing. They are not the same thing.

Voter fraud is when people vote who shouldn't, for whatever reason, or if they vote more than once. In other words, it's when a voter defrauds the system somehow. Got that? VOTER fraud is when a VOTER defrauds the system.Hence the term.

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