Repost: Gun Control Has to Be Non-Negotiable

We don’t need “gun responsibility.” We don’t need “gun safety.” We need GUN CONTROL. If you’re wondering why, all I can say is, get your head out of the latest news about which Kardashian married which basketball player and which tiny little girl singer is dating which skinny white boy

Both Parties are NOT the Same: Gunloon Edition

It seems as if every day, some PUB (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) or a professional lefty (people who say what gullible progressives want to hear to get clicks) tries to convince me that the two major political parties are much the same. Mind you, they tell me this without any sort

The Facts About Gun Violence

The NRA has been sending the following ad far and wide to get the gunloons excited about guns and overall gun looniness. It actually conceptualizes the average American good ole boy standing up to ISIS and blowing them all away with their freely purchased guns. It’s pure fantasy, and with

Why Bernie’s Defense of Gun Maker Liability Law is a Dealbreaker

It’s mea culpa time. I was planning to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary when the time came. My original support was for Martin O’Malley, but I was one of, shall we say, not a sea but a droplet of support for the man. Bernie was my second choice,

Gunloons Gone Wild

I’ve been talking about this for years on this blog and elsewhere, and it’s finally starting to take hold. President Obama has finally done what should have been done a while ago, precisely because Congress won’t do anything at all to reduce the number of gun deaths in this country,

The Second Amendment Says WHAT?

Has there ever been a time in history in which the complete and utter misinterpretation of one single sentence has led to such a swath of death and destruction? Here’s the sentence; see if you recognize it: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the

The First Step to Solving Our Gun Problem…

Once more, a crazy person shot up yet another school, this time in Oregon. I know, I’m supposed to call people like this “mentally ill,” but we have to get real here. First of all, he was apparently a right wingnut, and if we call him “mentally ill,” then we

SCOTUS: Gun Buyers Can’t Lie on Applications. Gunloons Furious

In another 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court gave the gun lobbyists at the NRA gun lobbyists a bit of a smackdown this morning, when they ruled that anyone purchasing firearms must state whether they’re buying them for other people. This marks the second time SCOTUS has opposed the gunloons this term. Back

The Kleck Study is a Running Joke: Gun Defenders Always Lie to Make Their Point

Okay, so I was set to appear on BBC World News today, on a show called “World Have Your Say,” for a debate about gun control in the United States. The debate was to be with right wing radio host Lars Larson, along with a couple of other people. Unfortunately,

How Gunloons Unwittingly Make the Case for Gun Control

I know the gunloons with their “open carry” nonsense think they’re making a case against any sort of gun control with their obstinate attempt to force the rest of the country to accept their phony interpretation of the Second Amendment, but as is the case with pretty much everything they do, they’re

“Joe the (Fake) Plumber” Shows Why He’s a Republican Darling – and a Jackass

This is another reason to get people to show up at the polls this coming November and get rid of Republicans is because we have to get rid of anyone who supports the “strict constitutionalist” mindset, in which their interpretation of rights is the only one that matters, and everyone

The End of Progressive Defeatism

I had to run an errand last night. I had Norman Goldman on the radio. I don’t listen to him often, because I don’t trust a lot of what he says. But while I was listening, he asked his audience what they wanted to talk about; gun control or the

Repost: A Rational Argument for Common Sense Gun Control

Not far from the neighborhood where I grew up, a police officer was shot and killed serving a warrant yesterday morning. The day before yesterday, a former employee of a northern Florida trucking company, went on a shooting rampage before turning the gun on himself. Last night, farther south in

It’s “Gun Control” – No More Euphemism, Tell the Truth

One of the biggest reasons progressives have been on the sidelines for about a generation is that, sometimes, the loudest of us really suck at politics.  One reason is because many of the loudest on our side don’t listen to anyone but ourselves. They make assumptions and accept them, then