The Absurdity of Preserving Profit in the Health Insurance Industry

You know, one component of the health insurance reform debate that has always puzzled me is this notion that somehow health insurance companies are entitled to make a profit for using your money to pay for your health care.  It's truly one of the strangest concepts I've ever heard of,

Me vs. Coulter — Kicking the Ultimate RW Liar’s ASS on Health Insurance Parts 3 & 4

Okay, I've been neglecting my Coulter-thrashing duties, so I'm forced to combine two of her crap-laced columns into one. Sue me. Better yet, I almost wish she would.   As a nasty liar, this woman(?) is world-class. She has made a really good living telling the wingnuts what they want

Thank You, Mr. President: The Public Option is Alive and Well

If I was more arrogant and self-absorbed, I might think President Obama is reading this blog.  Just about everything I asked for in my open letter was covered in his speech. And make no mistake; President Obama even made the best case for a public option that I've seen so

An Open Letter to My President on Health Insurance Reform

(I will be on the Nicole Sandler Show to discuss President Obama's speech on health insurance reform tonight at 12 ET/9 PT Please check it out…) Dear Mr. President:   Have you noticed that every time you're absent from the scene for even a short time, like taking a

Let’s Be Careful Out There: Don’t Blow Reform, Progressives…

As anyone who has read this blog knows, I am a huge proponent of the inclusion of a public insurance option in any health reform moving through Congress.  I keep wracking my brain, and I simply cannot figure out how to keep the private insurance companies in the game without

On Health Insurance Reform, We’re Right, They’re Wrong. Period.

There is one underlying question in the debate over health insurance reform that is being forgotten as we all scream at each other, make demands of our politicians, and collectively whine when they don't react exactly the way we think they should to the rancor in this debate.   That

On Health Insurance Reform, Democrats Alone Again… Naturally…

I know it looks as if President Obama and Congressional Democrats haven't quite figured it out yet, but a cursory look at history tells us, they will probably have to go it alone if they're to enact a revolutionary plan to fix the health care system in this country.They have

Here’s an excellent video about what REALLY happens in Canada re Health Care…

This is an excellent video that has been passed to me (via Ed Schultz, who got it via a bunch of other people), and I urge everyone to pass it on to everyone else. All of the characterizations about Canada’s health insurance system are absolutely wrong, and this short video

Me vs. Coulter: Wherein I Kick Her Ass, Part II

Little Annie Coulter promised us that she'd come up with more "lies" we liberals always tell, and she hasn't disappoint. In fact, she's promised eight more sets after this one. That's going to take some imagination‚Ķ   Thankfully for everyone involved, Annie is such a practiced liar, it should be

Column Shows How Little John Stossel Understands

I just don't understand why an otherwise relatively respectable news operation like ABC News continues to hang so much of its fortunes on someone as reprehensible as John Stossel. He ceased being an actual newsman years ago, and frankly, his claims of "libertarian" leanings have always been something of a

Updated Again!: Factchecking No Abortions With the Health Care Reform Bill

(Who knew? A friendly little reminder that a piece is mistaken, and it turns into something of a war? Come on, guys… we all make mistakes; it's okay…) Look; I like They perform an essential public service, and they are usually right about the facts, even when I

What’s Actually IN The Health Care Reform Bills, Without the BS — Part One

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of the right wingers (and frankly, everyone else) talking about what's NOT in the health care reform bills before Congress. Don't you think it's time someone actually looked at what's actually IN the bill?  You know, without the paranoid spin? (And

Jon Stewart Fries Paid Health Care Liar Betsy McCaughey

I told you all about lying sack, Betsy McCaughey a while ago on this very blog, and in my first appearance on the Nicole Sandler Show. But what I want to know is, where is our press on this? Reporters should be chomping at the bit to expose these people.

Should We Spend $1 trillion on Health Insurance Reform to Save $7 trillion?

(Remember, the original "Deconstruction of the RW Health Care lies is still here. Either click on the link at the top right of this blog, or go here…) —————- Oscar Wilde once said, "The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."   We are up against

The Opposition to Health Reform is F-ing CRAZY!

These people — the ones who are against health insurance reform — are  f-ing CRAZY! How crazy, do you ask? I'm sure you heard about the loon woman, who screamed "Heil Hitler" at a Jewish man who was being interviewed by a local Las Vegas TV station. But have you