Crap Cutting 101

Jon Stewart Fries Paid Health Care Liar Betsy McCaughey

I told you all about lying sack, Betsy McCaughey a while ago on this very blog, and in my first appearance on the Nicole Sandler Show. But what I want to know is, where is our press on this? Reporters should be chomping at the bit to expose these people. …

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Should We Spend $1 trillion on Health Insurance Reform to Save $7 trillion?

(Remember, the original "Deconstruction of the RW Health Care lies is still here. Either click on the link at the top right of this blog, or go here…) —————- Oscar Wilde once said, "The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."   We are up against …

Health Care

The Opposition to Health Reform is F-ing CRAZY!

These people — the ones who are against health insurance reform — are  f-ing CRAZY! How crazy, do you ask? I'm sure you heard about the loon woman, who screamed "Heil Hitler" at a Jewish man who was being interviewed by a local Las Vegas TV station. But have you …

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Dana Gould on the Health Care “Debate”

Seriously, folks… if you can watch this and not understand why we need a national health care system, then you’re a wingnut… This is from Real Time with Bill Maher, so be aware of the language, if that’s something that bothers you…

Health Care

Why the Public Option is an Absolute MUST for Health Insurance Reform

First of all, I don't believe Kent Conrad,'s contention that there aren't enough votes in the Senate to support the public option. In reality, we only need 51 votes, and there are only six Blue Dogs. I'm even betting at least 2-3 Republicans can be brought to the public option …

Crap Cutting 101

Pseudo-Christians Using Jesus’ Name to Lie About Health Care Reform

(The original deconstruction of the right wing lies about the health care system is still here. You just have to click on the link at the top right… or you can click here… ) I received this in my e-mail Sunday (of all days). I'm having problems with formatting, so …

Crap Cutting 101

Cutting More “Objectively Standard” Lies About the Health Care Bill

(Note: The original "Deconstruction" is still here…) Apparently, they haven't figured out we're onto them.   What follows is from an e-mail sent by a reader. The original comes from a blog entitled "The Objective Standard." It's an Ayn Randian type blog that simply has a problem with the government …

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Even Newer! Deconstructing the Right Wing Lies on Health Care Bill – Part III

(I have compiled everything into one page for easier consumption. Click the link at the top right of this blog and you'll be taken to it…) (For those of you who missed me on the radio last night, you can GO HERE and listen to me take apart the Right …

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Caribou Barbie Puts the Twit into Twitter, So Let’s Smack Her Facebook

Just when I was feeling hopeful that she had gone away, Caribou Barbie (Alaska Governor-Quit Sarah Palin, of course) comes back in spades. Apparently, the reason she quit as governor was because it was difficult to lie her ass off with the press hanging on every word. I can imagine …

Health Care

Cutting the Crap: Dennis Prager’s 10 Health Care Lies — er, Questions

(This isn't Part III… this is yet another example of lies the right wing is trying to pass off as discourse. My deconstruction of the lies in the Health Care Bill are Here (Part I) and Here (Part II)) (I was on the Nicole Sanders Show Wednesday night to discuss …

Health Care

CNN Won’t Run This Ad… What’s Wrong With Them?

… And CNN wonders why they’re having a hard time holding off the surging MSNBC? First, they allow Lou Dobbs to froth at the mouth… now they’re refusing to run an ad critical of the health insurance industry… What the hell? MSNBC will be running the ad, and you can …

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NEW! Deconstructing the Right Wing Lies on the Health Insurance Bill — Pages 500-730

(This is an all-new round of BS, mostly covering the pages after 500. Please feel free to check out the original post right here, as well… These lawyers are so long-winded, there will be a Part III… Stay tuned…) (I was on the Nicole Sanders Show Wednesday night to discuss …

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Deconstructing the Right Wing Lies on the Health Insurance Bill — Pages 1-500

(Thanks to a reader, I found another source of right wing crap on the health care bill, so there is now a part II to this post. As you may have noted, the right wingers who came up with this piece crapped out at page 500; their ADD must have …

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Michael Steele Fills His Empty Suit With Excrement

If you want an example of just how toothless and ineffective the current Republican Party is, listen to them talk about proposed health care reform.  Take RNC Chairman and designated empty suit, Michael Steele.  For those unfamiliar with Steele, he was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee last year, …

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Public Health Insurance Won’t Cost Us; It Will Save Us A Lot, Including Money

One of the most shameful methods the far right has attempted use to scotch attempts at meaningful health care reform is to cite the tremendous cost involved in offering a public option, and to suggest that it's not possible to pay for it.  According to their  twisted "logic," such as …


We Can’t Fix the Economy Without Fixing Health Care

Here are a couple of questions to ponder… If you’re an average American, you’re sitting in front of your computer reading this and simultaneously wondering if you’ll even have a job in a year or two. How does the prospect of health insurance premiums doubling by 2016 strike you? And …

Election 2008

We Really Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves

I went to a pretty good-sized rally just south of the convention yesterday. It was a rally for health care, and it was organized by the SEIU. Chuck D. spoke and performed, JIm Hightower spoke, and it reminded me just how backwards the thinking has been in this country for …


Bill Clinton’s Lousy Defense of Hillary’s Health Care Debacle

This little clip from CBS News shows Bill Clinton going off on an Obama supporter, defending his wife with regard to her work on health care. Watch this… Now, let me start off and say that this heckler is actually technically wrong about part of what she said. Hillary did …

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This is What Happens Without Health Insurance

From: 1600: Support a Local Legend. On Sunday, July 29th, a benefit will be held for a much-beloved Washington music hero, Tom Terrell. In addition to his music journalism and photography exploits, Tom turned heads and turntables at both the old 9:30 Club, and host of the Cafe C’est What? …

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