Bill O’Reilly Gets It Ass Backward, As Usual

Surprise! Bill O’Reilly actually said something true in this video excerpt from the O’Reilly Factor! He is right. He is a simple man. As in simple minded. Although the people he’s speaking to (his audience, I mean) are actually simpler than he is. He’s discussing the Supreme Court’s twin rulings

The Difference Between Democrats & Today’s GOP on Health Care

I won't give glowing praise for Democrats and a complete dismissal of Republicans on health care throughout the last century, because Democrats were only slightly better than Republicans when it came to fixing the complete mess our health care financing system has become.  But this isn't about history, it's about

Cutting The Crap: Republicans at the Health Care Summit

I’m ba-a-a-a-ck… It’s time to bury some of the bullshit the Republicans have been throwing out there regarding health insurance reform.This will have to be done in several installments; there really is too much to cover in one article. I watched the entire health care summit, and I was truly

What Did You Expect?

What did we expect, people? I really need to know. The second biggest problem with health insurance reform – excuse me, health care reform – no, wait, it is health insurance reform – is the incessant play-by-play by thousands of people with opinions, but seemingly having no concept of how

Reconciliation: What it is, and Why Reid Is Avoiding It.

There is a lot of talk about reconciliation when it comes to the health insurance reform bill in the Senate, but I get a sense that many who use the term don’t really understand the process. There’s actually a good reason why Harry Reid is saving it as a last

Case Studies: Why We Need Health Insurance Reform

In Kansas City, a 14 year old boy has been told he needs a heart transplant and that someone will have to come up with $500,000 to pay for it because they don’t have insurance. One of the reasons he’s not insured is because he’s an “illegal immigrant.” Five months

No More Gloom and Doom: We’re Getting Health Insurance Reform.

Health insurance was never going to happen in one bill, and it’s really starting to bother me that many progressives thought it could happen. Relax, and stop the doom and gloom nonsense.  You should be rejoicing. The political naiveté of a large portion of the progressive side of the political

The Health Insurance Companies Make Our Case For Us

It's official. The Baucus POS health care bill has cleared committee, and now sits, dripping, on the Senate floor. (In this case, POS can either mean Piece of Shit, or Point of Sale; take your pick, they both fit.)   We have to bear down starting now. We must get

Why the Baucus Plan is Dead, Why Co-Ops Won’t Work, and Why You Should Be Happy About It.

As anyone could have predicted weeks ago, the "alternative bill" Max Baucus has presented is a complete and utter joke.  But don't be mad, progressives. Be happy. Before this piece of crap appeared, there was all sorts of speculation about what an alternative might be. Talk of “co-ops” actually sounded