Another reminder that George W. Bush and the GOP broke a country

Once again, we are reminded that the Iraq War was an exercise in stupidity that is unmatched in US history. It was engineered by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the GOP, and this colossal screw up … Continue reading

Keep an Eagle Eye on Condi

There’s been a lot of press about the fact that the Bushies sent an envoy to Iran this week to begin talks regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Most of the press has been glowing, either praising the Bushies for finally holding … Continue reading

There is NO Surrender in Iraq

The far right warmongers who think the occupation of Iraq is "just swell" love to use the word "surrender" a lot when they describe our pulling out of the country. In fact, John McCain used the word just yesterday in … Continue reading

Journalists Bought and Paid for With Your Tax Dollars

There is an excellent but ultimately very disturbing article in this morning’s New York Times which deserves a look. It demonstrates two things; it shows that the Bush Administration has been actively propagandizing to its very own people, which is … Continue reading

Bush’s Intelligence Deficit

One aspect of last week’s Bush press conference that seems to have gone unnoticed is the fact that, more than 4 years after he invaded and occupied Iraq, using our forces (and even more mercenaries), he still doesn’t have a … Continue reading

It’s Just Not That Simple…

One constant theme throughout Saturday’s protest in Washington was this notion that Democrats are somehow just as culpable as Republicans when it comes to stopping the Iraq occupation, because they somehow hold "the power of the purse" and apparently haven’t … Continue reading