The Toddler-in-Chief Makes Us Less Safe

On Friday, which, quite ironically, just happened to be Holocaust Remembrance Day, Lord Donny decided that was the perfect time to go against everything the country he now represents around the world stands for. ┬áHe chose that day to sign … Continue reading

Lord Donny Hires a Twitter Troll to “Fix Democracy”

As noted earlier this week, Lord Donny Drumpf has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince us that voter fraud is an actual thing and he has spent most of his first week trying to convince us that … Continue reading

The Lord Donny Chronicles: Get a Grip, It’s Gonna Be Bumpy

Seriously, folks, everyone is going to have to get a grip. It seems as if half the progressive movement is on a roller coaster that has come off the tracks and it’s about to fly off the next incline into … Continue reading

Lord Donny on Voter Fraud

I’ll make this quick. I said earlier that I am pretty sure Lord Donny is crazy. If I wasn’t clear enough in my previous post, I apologize. Let me say, straight out: Lord Donny Drumpf is batshit crazy. However, in … Continue reading

The Toddler in Charge: Lord Donny’s Hissy Fits

I know it’s only been five days, but come on… The huge toddler we have placed into the White House and in charge of one of the three branches of government, is a crazy person who has proven himself incapable … Continue reading