A Fairness Doctrine for the 21st Century

Broadcast radio is a mess. The experiment has failed. A few huge "media conglomerates" tried to buy up all of the stations and monopolize the advertising revenue, and it failed miserably.  It's time to pack it up and roll things … Continue reading

CNN Won’t Run This Ad… What’s Wrong With Them?

… And CNN wonders why they’re having a hard time holding off the surging MSNBC? First, they allow Lou Dobbs to froth at the mouth… now they’re refusing to run an ad critical of the health insurance industry… What the … Continue reading

Because There Just Isn’t Enough Right Wing Radio Already…

Apparently, The owners of the Washington Right Wing Moonie Times want to do for radio what Fox News has done for television news. This is from this morning's Washington Right Wing Moonie Times: The Washington Times will launch a syndicated … Continue reading

That Wacky Mainstream Media! We Passed This Story on Last Week!

UPDATE: Want to know why the public in this country seems so mud-dumb sometimes? It's because the major news media doesn't pick up on stories for a long time after bloggers do. Check out the story that was on CNN.com … Continue reading

IS CBS Trying to Be the New Fox News?

Pity the poor eye. At one time, CBS News was called the Tiffany network in part because of its brilliant commitment to news. Even when Walter Cronkite stepped down and was replaced by Dan Rather, one got the sense that … Continue reading

David Gregory’s Question Deserves an Answer

David Gregory's Latest Tweet: Q for Obama on housing: does keeping people in their homes (who can't afford to be there) help the economy or is it only social policy? deserves an answer… With apologies to President Obama, I'm going … Continue reading

Zogby Sacrifices Its Credibility With a Push Poll

I used to be a huge fan of John Zogby and his polls. But for whatever reason, in recent years, the entire Zogby organization seems to have gone off the deep end. Zogby himself seems to have gone out of … Continue reading

Rupert’s Fox Post: Worried About NBC’s “Fairness”

Okay, so I’m perusing the news this morning, and the following pops up, from this morning’s Page Six in the New York Post: NBC is under fire for having correspondent Andrea Mitchell cover the economic crisis because she’s married to … Continue reading

Katie Couric Doesn’t Get It…

I used to give Katie Couric some credit for her interview style. But these days, she seems to have forgotten whatever journalistic credibility she once had, in favor of inane questions, and a tendency to attack her interview subject, at … Continue reading

Liberal Media, My Ass!

Yeah, I’ll admit that Barack Obama is getting good press. No one can deny that. But has it ever occurred to anyone that the REASON Obama is getting good press is because he makes very few mistakes, and the mistakes … Continue reading

Why The New Yorker Cover Failed

Let me start off by saying that, in another context, the New Yorker cover that is generating so much buzz this week, would actually be funny. I get what the artist was going for, and if it was inside the … Continue reading

Brave New Films on Fox Trashing of Michelle Obama

This is Robert Greenwald’s latest short film, demonstrating Fox News’ strategy of attacking Michelle Obama, because they think that’s how thye can help McCain win in November. Do what the film says; call them on it… … Continue reading

Stop Jerking That Knee and Become a Skeptic!

I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I’ve heard from another liberal about something Barack Obama supposedly said that was apparently outrageous or scary or somehow out of character. Liberals are often absolutely hysterical over … Continue reading

An Example of Media Puffery on Gas Prices

This kind of things just drives me batty. This is from  An article in Time today: Those labor protests reflect the hit millions of Europeans are taking at the gas pump. As American drivers groan over prices nearing $4 a … Continue reading

When Are We Going to Demand that Journalists Report News?

Did you know that, the other day, Hillary Clinton pretty much guaranteed that, as president, she would wage war against Iran? Well, if you read this blog (and keep reading and tell your friends, because we are just starting to … Continue reading