Olbermann Channels O’Reilly

This is just too funny … Continue reading

Fox Noise Tub Ailes to Faux Business: Pretend to Be….

Check out this last line…. it’s a scream… This is from TV Newser: Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of FOX News/FBN and chairman of FOX TV Stations, gave a field speech to the FBN troops Friday, in their newsroom. We’re … Continue reading

Radio’s Problem Is Radio People

First, read this whine from a local Baltimore radio general manager. From: Radio may survive this, too — baltimoresun.com. "Because of satellite radio, more affluent people are going to use that service, so we have a smaller piece of the … Continue reading

Bancrofts Allow Murdoch to Kill WSJ

This is a tragedy for anyone who values the news media. Even though their op-ed pages were horrible, The Wall Street Journal could always be counted on to report the news fairly and completely. Now, Rupert Murdoch will undoubtedly do … Continue reading

Shouldn’t We Fine the FCC for “Indecency”?

Want proof that the FCC is completely inept? For years, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of grown Republicans pretending to be offended by a one-second flash Janet Jackson’s right breast at the Super Bowl, and the "f-word" anywhere, to … Continue reading

FCC Doesn’t Understand its Purpose

Seriously, folks, how clueless is this government when the Chairman of the agency charged with overseeing the public airwaves has such a dismissive attitude toward the concept that everyone in the community owns the airwaves. From: Print Story: FCC chair: … Continue reading

Senate Prudes Take Action Against…. Bad words?

So,let’s get this straight. These schmucks can’t pass a bill to stop the massive killing of our troops and innocent Iraqi citizens. They can’t pass a bill to address the 12 million immigrants who are here illegally. They can’t find … Continue reading

You Call Glenn Beck’s Crap CNN Headline NEWS?

On his Thursday night CNN Headline News crapfest, Glenn Beck (ironically, during a segment called "Real Story") brought on some guy whose seeming purpose in life is to shill for the nuclear power industry. (He’s not, which we’ll get to … Continue reading

And CBS Wonders Why It’s in Last Place??

Here is an interesting item, courtesy of media Matters, that is the quintessential example of why journalists throughout the mainstream media absolutely MUST go back to fact reporting, and stop injecting their own analysis into every report. Look at this … Continue reading

How News Loses Credibility in One easy Step.

This is a horrible trend, and absolute proof that the people running cable news are all about short-term profits, and have no idea what their actual job is supposed to be. from The Hollywood Reporter: CNN’s Beck in bed with … Continue reading