Our Summer Fundraiser is Here…

Hello… I know, I’m starting this a week or two early. It’s partly my fault, but it’s also because the Holiday fundraiser was WAY below expectations. And let’s be real… the cost of running a blog goes up every year. … Continue reading

PCTC Post-Primary Podcast #61 – Bye Bye Bush AND Trump!

Here’s an election  rant for you! In this episode of the podcast, I explain what happened yesterday and why Trump peaked and why Sanders will likely lose. I also discuss the caucus process and how stupid it is. It’s not … Continue reading

The Future of Liberalism: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

When did we get to this point? I mean, look at the Republican Klown Kar for a clue. At some point, when everyone thinking of running actually throws their pointy little hat into the ring, we will have the richest … Continue reading