PCTC Network

Help Us Build A Truly Great Grassroots Liberal Network

I usually do this earlier in the summer, but better late than never. The short version is, we cannot do anything without your support. Unfortunately, everything costs money these days. The domains alone have cost me $100 this month and the hosting will cost upwards of $30-40 per month and …

Election 2016

PCTC Post-Primary Podcast #61 – Bye Bye Bush AND Trump!

Here’s an election  rant for you! In this episode of the podcast, I explain what happened yesterday and why Trump peaked and why Sanders will likely lose. I also discuss the caucus process and how stupid it is. It’s not a great example of democracy in action. 11 a.m. on …

Being Better Liberals

The Future of Liberalism: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

When did we get to this point? I mean, look at the Republican Klown Kar for a clue. At some point, when everyone thinking of running actually throws their pointy little hat into the ring, we will have the richest vein of comedic gold in American history, and absolutely no …

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