How to Win the Democracy and the Messaging War

One of the most difficult barriers we progressives have in the political wars is the one in which we take out turn in the propaganda war. Now, ver the years, the word “propaganda” has taken on a fairly negative connotation, … Continue reading

Let’s Discuss Rights, Trumpers

It seems to me, if you’re going to talk about rights and your tendency is to piss and moan about someone’s rights being violated, you should at least have a working understanding of what rights are and how they work. … Continue reading

Everything is Wrong with the Current GOP

Ever since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election more than two months ago, his most brainwashed cultists have been whining about everything. Shit, just five minutes ago, someone on Twitter whined about Trump losing his access to Facebook and … Continue reading

It’s Time to Change Everything, From the Bottom Up

This past four years can be ranked among the worst four-year periods in the history of the United States of America. This doesn’t mean we went into another unprovoked war, or because we slammed straight into another Great Depression. No, … Continue reading

Today’s a Big Day, But It Shouldn’t Be…

The reason our backs are against the wall again, with today’s runoffs, is due to the usual suspects; professional lefties and self-righteous white “progressives” who don’t have a clue re: democracy, but think they know everything.

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What Comes Next? The AfterTrump is Critical…

In two weeks, we finally get a “normal” President, but the 2020 election is just the beginning. Being progressive means voting Democratic for a while, at least until the GOP is gone. And they do have to go.

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4 Days Left: Republicans are Losing Because They’re Not Mainstream, Part I

If we liberals learn nothing else from this election, we have to learn that this election has to be just the beginning. We will never be an effective element of the democracy until we learn how to be democratic and … Continue reading

10 to Go: After the Nightmare…

If you’re not sick of this shit, I wonder where you’re living. Politics in the United States of America has become a joke, and it’s not entirely about Donald Trump. While he is absolutely the worst President we have ever … Continue reading

14 Days Left: After We Win…

Alright… suppose we get exactly what we want and Trump gets his ass handed to him on November 3, and his last full day is scheduled for January 19, 2021? After he’s gone, then what? I mean, sure, we’ll be … Continue reading

With Trump Gone, We’ll Need More Insight, More Voices. Donate to Help Our Blog Make a Major Comeback!

I have to admit, I have blown it with this blog. Part of it is just a lack of vision. The “election” of Donald Trump as “president” made it very difficult to focus on any one thing; the constant barrage … Continue reading