Why We Lose

Unlike many other white liberals, like the unicorn progressive types, I am prone to ask the question, why do we fail so often? I mean, it doesn’t make sense, does it? We know somewhat instinctively, that most voters are, or … Continue reading

Here’s a Clue for White Liberal “Political Junkies”

What is it about so-called “political junkies” that makes them watch “the news” and “follow politics” constantly, and yet get nothing out of it? How is it possible to be a “political activist” for upwards of 40-50 years and not … Continue reading

Why Trump Sounds Stupid

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump developed a strategy that he figured would be a winner. He had certain of his “people” listen to right-wing talk radio and report back to him what the callers (not the hosts) to these … Continue reading

Why Trump Should Resign Now

It’s clear from the record that Lord Donny truly hates being “president.” It’s no wonder, really. No one likes doing a job they genuinely suck at. When I was about 18, I took a job on a garbage truck. I … Continue reading

The Cult of Bernie

The obsession with Bernie Sanders is easily the most puzzling thing in American politics, especially when it comes to the progressive “movement.” The most puzzling aspect of the Bernie cult is how isolated they seem to be from reality. Not … Continue reading

Say Goodnight, Donny

Yesterday was glorious… Those of us who have been paying attention all along knew Lord Donny of Trump knew Trump has been lying every time he said “no collusion,” but knowing something based on evidence is not the same as … Continue reading

More on Glenn Greenwald

There is so much more about Glenn Greenwald that deserves discussion. After I posted yesterday, I received a lot of angry email and other messages from people who think Greenwald is a truth-teller and – this one makes me gag … Continue reading

How We Save Democracy

There are two things we can’t afford to do as Democrats, progressives or liberals: We cannot lose hope. I know this is a tough time for anyone who loves this country, or human beings in general. The complete pile of … Continue reading

There is One March That’s Missing…

The progressive movement has a great penchant for holding marches for everything. When I used to work in DC, I would sometimes schedule some of my work for Saturday, so I could later march against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. … Continue reading

About “Your Revolution”…

Okay, let me start with what should be obvious to everyone who pays attention to politics right now. Read this carefully, unicorn progressives: The very notion of “Our Revolution” being led by white upper-middle-class (mostly male) liberals is absurd on … Continue reading