Let’s Talk About “Principle”…

It’s amazing how many people who self-describe as “progressive” adopt a political strategy that makes it damn near impossible to create a government that addresses this country’s problems in a progressive way. Either that, or they promote a politician with … Continue reading

Where the Hell is the “Liberal Message”?

I ask this question a lot on this blog because the answer to the question is incredibly important. Why do we fail so often and so miserably, especially when we know damn well that more American voters are on our … Continue reading

Progressives’ Biggest Problem…

One problem everyone on the left must deal with is the fact that the vast majority of voters really don’t like us very much. Now, i know a lot of white “unicorn progressives” put great stock in being nondescript – … Continue reading

A Return to Civil Discourse

There is a lot to worry about when it comes to the Trump regime. Thankfully, there are some checks and balances that seem to be keeping Trump from doing everything his “base” tells him he has to do, but the … Continue reading

Back to the Grind…

Okay, I’m back. For good this time. I have to admit, my extended absence from this blog was for a very simple reason; I was tired. Tired of a lot of things. Among them: Tired of the constant barrage of … Continue reading

Toward a More Rational Gun Control Debate

When the subject is guns, everyone just gets crazy sometimes. That’s cool; it’s a tough subject and it’s very emotional. And the reason it’s an emotional is because the purpose of guns is to take lives. Not just human lives, … Continue reading

What to Do About Guns

On Wednesday, there was another school shooting, this time at a high school in Florida. This time, instead of the shooter cowardly blowing his own head off, this one was caught and will face trial. Once more, we are being … Continue reading

Looking For Something to Read? Two Books Now Available for Pre-Sale, Cheap!

I have TWO new e-books coming out on March 1 and, because I can use the money and the progressive movement could use more guidance, I am making them available for pre-order starting today. Both will sell for $9.99 when … Continue reading

To the GOP: “You’re Fired!”

I don’t plan to watch the State of the Union tomorrow night. It will be the first time in my life, that I can remember. One reason is, I already know the state of the union; it’s cloudy with a … Continue reading

No Democrat is Anything Like a Republican.

The cluelessness of the unicorn left has been in full flower over the past week, at least in my Twitter feed. Over the past few days, a few of them have decided to take me to task for my support … Continue reading