Ferguson shows that America has a long way to go…

I asked this question in another post a couple of weeks ago; “When did America become so mean?” The answer, of course, is a bit complicated. That article mostly dealt with immigration, and discussed why we seem to have such a difficult … Continue reading

Richard Cohen: How Does Someone So Clueless About Race Survive 45 Years in DC Journalism?

One has to wonder whether or not Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is ingesting mind-altering substances before he writes each of his columns, because they are becoming increasingly bizarre in recent years. His last two columns show a lack of … Continue reading

Cutting the Crap on Bill O’Reilly’s Racist Rant

Really, is there anything more obnoxious in the world than a 63-year-old white guy who obviously has extremely limited contact with black Americans lecturing us on what the first black President should have addressed last week in his remarks about … Continue reading

Immigration Reform Without Racial Profiling

I have to tell you; I have never understood why illegal immigration is such a vexing problem. I was in Arizona most of last year, I lived in an area where there were quite a few, and I found them … Continue reading

Limbaugh Finally Admits It: Civil Rights No Big Deal to the Far Right…

You know, sometimes you see something that just makes your jaw come apart and fall to the ground. I had always suspected that the right wing didn't care about an individuals; not really, anyway. Oh, sure, they don't want anyone … Continue reading

Take the Country Back from the Right Wing Racists

You know, I have to be honest here. I really can't imagine most of the loudest members of the Republican right wing fart machine, like Beck, Limbaugh or Hannity, lynching a black man.  It's unlikely someone like  Tom Tancredo or … Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly Not Alone in His Racism

You know, when I heard a black man on TV yesterday, excusing Bill O’Reilly’s obvious racism (see my previous post), by claiming that the Fox Noise host was "taken out of context," I paused a little, as I tend to … Continue reading