The Republicans Have Lost It — They Really Have…

They spent the last eight years screwing up everything they touched. Best case scenario, they stood back and did nothing, while the most incompetent administration in US History took apart the federal government and put the economy in the toilet. … Continue reading

Right Wingers on NRO: 50 De-Stimulating Myths Disguised as “Fact”

One of the worst aspects of the "debate" over the economic stimulus package has to be the sophistry exhibited by the far right when discussing  the issue. One of the purest examples of the bullshit coming from the far right … Continue reading

Stimulate THIS, Republicans!

Look, Democratic Senators; it is this simple. The current incarnation of the Republican Party will only play ball when they lose enough fights, and realize they have no choice but to either help craft legislation, or get the hell out … Continue reading

Bipartisanship With Petulant Children; Is it Possible?

Look, I'm all for President Obama seeking support from Republicans.  After all, he is the president of all of the people, and Republicans are people, too. But for Chrissakes; at what point does he get that the leadership representing the … Continue reading

KBR Negligence Kills Soldiers; Bushies Covered it UP!

This is outrageous, folks! From the Associated Press: Sailor electrocuted – Yahoo! News. A third U.S. service member has been determined to have been electrocuted in a shower in Iraq, and Navy criminal investigators are investigating, The Associated Press has … Continue reading

House Republican Steele Says the GOP is Perfect As-Is… GOP is Toast!

So, just how did someone like Michael Steele, who has no successful political experience — he won one election as a governor's running mate, and has never won election on his own — get to lead a party that most … Continue reading

Republicans: Party Before Country

Republican Senator Judd Gregg is a typical Republican, through and through, thinking of his party’s power first, and the country second. From Senator: Appointment wouldn’t affect Senate makeup – Yahoo! News. Republican Sen. Judd Gregg has told colleagues that if … Continue reading

Meet the House, er, Republican

Them there Republicans must be so proud. Just when you think they're done, and they're about to become inconsequential for a generation, they turn around and defy expectations and elect a chairman who is… um… well… a "keepsake," for the … Continue reading

Republicans — In the Car Seat, Driving Nothing

I know it's difficult, given what we've been through for the last 28 years, and especially the last 8, but can I please ask progressives and others to stop obsessing over whatever the Republicans do? To put it bluntly, who … Continue reading

Darth Cheney, Torquemada Gonzales Indicted; A Pardon Would Save Them…

Here’s another reason why we need to impeach. Does anyone doubt that a pardon will come down, and neither of these bastards will ever have to be tried and either convicted ro acquitted? From the Huffington Post, via the AP: … Continue reading