Cutting More “Objectively Standard” Lies About the Health Care Bill

(Note: The original "Deconstruction" is still here…) Apparently, they haven't figured out we're onto them.   What follows is from an e-mail sent by a reader. The original comes from a blog entitled "The Objective Standard." It's an Ayn Randian … Continue reading

Wingnuts Invoke HITLER in Slandering Health Care Supporters

The video at the end this post is what many on the right apparently consider to be humor. I've really never found right wingers funny. Their attempts at humor are usually cruel and hurtful to the weak, which is never … Continue reading

Caribou Barbie Puts the Twit into Twitter, So Let’s Smack Her Facebook

Just when I was feeling hopeful that she had gone away, Caribou Barbie (Alaska Governor-Quit Sarah Palin, of course) comes back in spades. Apparently, the reason she quit as governor was because it was difficult to lie her ass off … Continue reading

Cutting the Crap: Dennis Prager’s 10 Health Care Lies — er, Questions

(This isn't Part III… this is yet another example of lies the right wing is trying to pass off as discourse. My deconstruction of the lies in the Health Care Bill are Here (Part I) and Here (Part II)) (I … Continue reading

When Do Good Republicans Drive OUT the Racists?

This is destined to be a recurring theme of this blog for a while, until good, decent Republicans actually move to get their party back. I want to know why you are not more disgusted with the sort of filth … Continue reading

How The Neocons Screwed Us, And Why We Can’t Let It Happen Again

I hope no one is betting the farm on Congress being able to tax AIG bonuses to get the money back. The Constitution kind of forbids that sort of thing, and for good reason. Say the party in power was … Continue reading

Republicans: The Party of Drug Addled Gas Bags? Works For Me…

The kerfuffle surrounding Rush Limbaugh (who tied with Ann Coulter with the most times as our Right Boob of the week) is absolutely priceless. It’s also proof that Barack Obama has political instincts that are absolutely unparalleled. If you’re paying … Continue reading

Cutting the Crap! Republican Senator ONLY Skeptical of Bailing Out Americans

Don't let them fool you. Republicans sound like they're concerned about wasting money bailing out the US car industry. But this is not about giving money to the car companies, and a concern about getting it back. This is about … Continue reading

Republicans; Shameless as they Drown, Politically

You really have to hand it to these assholes. They have balls, even if they don't have a brain in their heads. The Huffington Post is reporting that House Republicans are going back to their districts, and pretending they never … Continue reading

The Right Wing Republican Legacy: Kids being Jailed for Money

This is what happens when you implement the Republican ideal, wherein anything that makes someone money is okay, because wealth is king. If you want to know why this society is broken, here's a prime example, from Truthdig – Jailing … Continue reading