Republicans: The Party of Drug Addled Gas Bags? Works For Me…

The kerfuffle surrounding Rush Limbaugh (who tied with Ann Coulter with the most times as our Right Boob of the week) is absolutely priceless. It’s also proof that Barack Obama has political instincts that are absolutely unparalleled. If you’re paying … Continue reading

Cutting the Crap! Republican Senator ONLY Skeptical of Bailing Out Americans

Don't let them fool you. Republicans sound like they're concerned about wasting money bailing out the US car industry. But this is not about giving money to the car companies, and a concern about getting it back. This is about … Continue reading

Republicans; Shameless as they Drown, Politically

You really have to hand it to these assholes. They have balls, even if they don't have a brain in their heads. The Huffington Post is reporting that House Republicans are going back to their districts, and pretending they never … Continue reading

The Right Wing Republican Legacy: Kids being Jailed for Money

This is what happens when you implement the Republican ideal, wherein anything that makes someone money is okay, because wealth is king. If you want to know why this society is broken, here's a prime example, from Truthdig – Jailing … Continue reading

Republican Stupid Idea of the Day: Nationalize the Banks!

Was I dreaming? Didn't the Republican noise machine spend the last few months of the presidential campaign trying to portray Barack Obama as a socialist? So, what the hell is this? This is from Lindsay Graham yesterday, speaking on ABC's … Continue reading

Boehner’s Lasted More Than Four Hours! Call Someone!

How far the neocons in the Republican Party have come, eh?  You have to love their leader in the House, don't you?   Their leader during the "revolution," way back in 1995, was Newt Gingrich. Say what you will about … Continue reading

Republican Moron on Moron: Beck vs. Steele

I truly feel sorry for the right wing cognoscenti. Just think of the number of morons they rely on for information and leadership. How could anyone on the right feel hopeful with “leaders” like they have? This is a classic … Continue reading

Investigation and Due Process of the Bushies: Are we Americans or are We Mice?

I am excited at the prospects offered by the Obama Administration, and I am looking forward to a future that is much brighter than anything we've seen since we ceded the government to the neocons 28 years ago, culminating in … Continue reading

The Republicans Have Lost It — They Really Have…

They spent the last eight years screwing up everything they touched. Best case scenario, they stood back and did nothing, while the most incompetent administration in US History took apart the federal government and put the economy in the toilet. … Continue reading

Right Wingers on NRO: 50 De-Stimulating Myths Disguised as “Fact”

One of the worst aspects of the "debate" over the economic stimulus package has to be the sophistry exhibited by the far right when discussing  the issue. One of the purest examples of the bullshit coming from the far right … Continue reading