Sen. Jeffy Beau Sessions: Racist Inquisitor

Sonia Sotomayor is the most qualified judge nominated to the Supreme Court in many years; possibly more so than anyone in my lifetime.  The woman has at least 15 stellar years as a judge, and there is really nothing for … Continue reading

Republic Whacks Ban Centaurs!!!

An interesting  little blurb in this morning's Politico, by Glenn Thrush gives us some insight into just how bull goose looney the far right has become. It seems that Sam Brownback, one of the nuttiest wingnuts of all wingnuttery, has … Continue reading

Open Appeal to Caribou Barbie: Please Go Away!

Seriously; when does Caribou Barbie actually go away? Is there any way to speed up the process?   I get the media's fascination with her; I really do.She's comedic gold. I know, every time I see her, the one-liners flow … Continue reading

DC Teabaggers Make the Founding Fathers Laugh From Their Graves

Apparently, the teabagging isn’t going so well, at least in DC. Fox News’ Publicity Department should be ashamed… First off, some genius thought the initial idea, to dump 1 million teabags in the Potomac River, was a good idea on … Continue reading

Teabagging for Profit Once Made a Person a… Never Mind…

You know, when you look at the right wing “teabagging” episodes happening all over the country today, you really can't do anything but laugh. Here, we have a bunch of extremely rich, authoritarian morons asking middle- and working-class people to … Continue reading

Barney Frank Calls Scalia a “Homophobe”– Frank’s Right As Usual!

Seriously… you have to love Barney Frank. He seems to be one of the few Congressional Democrats who just says what he thinks, without running it through a "political expediency" filter. In a recent interview with the gay news Web … Continue reading

Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya! The Neocons Screwed Our Economy

One of the more fascinating arguments used by right wingers to justify their continued belief in the ridiculous concept of supply-side economics, or "trickle-down" as they like to call it, is the truly hilarious argument that "private investment in markets … Continue reading

Republican Stupid Idea of the Day: Nationalize the Banks!

Was I dreaming? Didn't the Republican noise machine spend the last few months of the presidential campaign trying to portray Barack Obama as a socialist? So, what the hell is this? This is from Lindsay Graham yesterday, speaking on ABC's … Continue reading

Boehner’s Lasted More Than Four Hours! Call Someone!

How far the neocons in the Republican Party have come, eh?  You have to love their leader in the House, don't you?   Their leader during the "revolution," way back in 1995, was Newt Gingrich. Say what you will about … Continue reading

Annie Coulter: Squealing Like a Stuck Republican

I got this in an e-mail last night, and I just had to share. It's Annie Coulter's latest column, and it demonstrates just how much she despises the very people who buy her books… wingnuts, pay attention; she's talking about … Continue reading