Please Cut the (Glenn) Beck!

Let me start off by pointing out that, as you will see from the bulk of my posts on this blog, I am a happy, shiny liberal, when compared to many in the progressive blogosphere. This country has been one … Continue reading

Larry Johnson, Right Wing Patsy!

I have been quiet for a while, but I’m getting a little sick of this Larry Johnson "Whitey" thing… See, Larry is a decent guy, I guess. Very passionate about Hillary Clinton, to the point of psychosis, but when he … Continue reading

McCain Trades Political Favors for Campaign Cash

The kind of thing I read in this morning’s Washington Post makes you wonder if John McCain’s psychology isn’t such that every time he does something good, he follows it up with something bad, just to even things out, and … Continue reading

Stop Worrying About Attacks on Obama

I am finding it increasingly frustrating to watch pundits this year, and that includes the ones I really like. I think the problem comes from the fact that everything they discuss comes from a perspective that doesn’t seem to realize … Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant Bigot Tancredo to Retire

Even if (IF??) he loses his run for the presidency, anti-mexican immigration bigot rep. Tom tancredo says he will leave the House after his current term. From Today’s Rocky Mountain News: "It’s the fact that I really believe I have … Continue reading

Six Inconvenient UNTruths About Slavery — Is Michael Medved NUTS??

The column is from former movie reviewer Michael Medved. It is the most uninformed and painfully stupid column by a wingnut that I’ve seen in many years, and that is no small feat. I am including the entire column, with … Continue reading

O’Reilly Shocked that Black People Have Manners!

Okay, so Bill Orally goes to a restaurant with Al Sharpton, and Sharpton takes him to Sylvia’s in Harlem; a restaurant that has been lauded for years as one of the best restaurants in all of New York. So, he … Continue reading

Start Laughing at the Right Wing Clowns!

Hillary Clinton has the right idea when it comes to dealing with the right wing spin machine, an I wish more candidates dealt with them the same way.   Today, during an interview with former journalist Chris Wallace, Sen. Clinton … Continue reading

Tucker Carlson: Gay Basher

Hmmm… Apparently, Tucker Carlson was once approached in a public restroom by a guy asking him for sex, or coming on to him in some way. So, how does he say he handled it? He apparently left the restroom, and … Continue reading

Ted Nugent — Typical Wingnut Scumbag

Ted Nugent is the biggest asshole in the history of a music scene that features a variety of assholes, and the kookiest of right wing kooks. And apparently, like all right wing kooks, who hold up their guns and proclaim … Continue reading