President for Life Bush??

Apparently, the Wingnuts don’t just plan to stop at a few stupid wars and the funneling of your tax money to their wealthy friends. Digby (and many others, apparently, has saved a nice little article from the web site Family … Continue reading

GOP again says, “Constitution Be Damned…”

Another reminder of what the Republican Party was really about when they ran the show for six years, folks. All of that talk about "states’ rights"? It was bullshit. What they really meant was, they would take your tax money, … Continue reading

Those Gullible Wingnuts!

You know, it’s really hard to believe that some of the wingnuts actually believe much of the crap they themselves spew, you know?   Take Dennis Miller. No, seriously; take him. Please. There was a time when I found the … Continue reading

Weiner Savage: Did Democrats Cause Roberts’ Seizure?

You know, the wingnuts love to refer to liberals as "paranoid" and dismiss pretty much everything we say as being part of a ‘conspiracy theory.’ But for Chrissakes, folks, it just doesn’t get any loonier than this. Remember, this asshole … Continue reading

Limbaugh the Whore

You know, I would never do an advertisement for Tom DeLay, or Newt Gingrich, and if Rudy Giuliani asked me to do one, I’d laugh in his face. Not that any of them would ask me, of course. But let’s … Continue reading

Limbaugh Demonstrates Why the GOP is Toast

I used to be outraged by stuff like this. Now, I’m amused by the abject cluelessness of the wingnut leadership. "Comedian" Rush Limbaugh (Keith Olbermann calls him that because it irritates the right. I don’t think he’s very funny, so … Continue reading

Just when you Thought No One Could Be Crazier than Katherine Harris…

I love Minnesota, but you have to wonder what’s in the water in the district that elected this loon… From: Think Progress » Bachmann On Her Trip To Iraq: It’s Like Visiting The ‘Mall Of America’. This month, Bachmann traveled … Continue reading

Michael Weiner-Savage Viciously Attacks Congressman Based on Religion

One more time; I will never excuse Don Imus’ remarks with regard to a group of young ladies playing basketball. But come on, folks! Why is Imus singled out for his racist outburst, when Weiner-Savage engages in this kind of … Continue reading