The Inanity of “Revolution.”

About once a month, something comes across my Facebook feed along the lines of, “I don’t know how the hell we children of the 1950s and 1960s survived. We were tough and we did all kinds of things that are considered really dangerous these days and, as a result, we

Issa’s IRS “Scandal” is a Joke, as is the GOP

Darrell Issa is right about one thing; no individual or group should be singled out arbitrarily for scrutiny by any government agency, including the IRS. That is. unless they are plotting to break the law. As a liberal, I find it odd that Issa and other Republicans have just now

Cutting the Crap on the Snowden Q & A With the Guardian

If the Guardian wants to salvage any credibility at all, they need to jettison Glenn Greenwald. They should also apologize for giving this guy free rein, with no editorial control. It’s one thing to set up a blog and let him blather on with his opinions. But a news organization

A PCTC Classic: With 11 Embassy Attacks Under Bush, Why Wasn’t the GOP Upset?

This morning, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is having to go before the Republicans in Congress and help them in their grandstanding efforts with regard to the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. It’s the second set of hearings on this issue; the first round happened just before

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #16: Revealing the GOP’s Sequester End Game, GOP Minority Games

Welcome to the Veracity of Truth podcast. In this edition, I talk about the GOP's endgame with regard to the sequester, and their sudden attitude toward minorities and why it won't work. Also, taxes. Just taxes.  2013-03-03 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast Enjoy…  

Ten Truths EVERY Progressive Should Embrace for 2014 and Beyond

Albert Einstein once defined “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  He also said, “Man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” Einstein was a really smart guy, and not just about math and physics.  Progressives have

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #15: Speaking of Climate Change and Politics 101

This podcast discusses climate change, how we can sell it, and argues for a change in the constant crisis climate that's killing the progressive movement.  Also, working on a new Politics 101 series, and finishing it this time… 2013-02-24 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast Enjoy…   

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #14: Guns, More Guns and Simpson Bowles

This episode of the Podcast takes a look at just how deep our gun problem is. Then, why sequester won't happen, and why Simpson Bowles is just asinine.  2013-02-20 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast New Republic article referenced in the podcast. 

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #13: Progressives, move forward!

Here's an explanation of why I sometimes call them emos, why their emo-ism is killing the left, and why we need to keep our eyes on the prize, which means getting rid of the right wing once and for all. Without that, we can never have a progressive government/country.  2013-02-17

Veracity of Truth Podcast #12: Small Government, My Ass; Plus, the State of Our Union

Here's another podcast, in which I talk about the right's "small government" nonsense, and why the right wing simply doesn't think as we do. Plus, I touch on the State of the Union.  2013-02-13 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast Enjoy…   

Flashback: There’s No Such Thing as an “Indefinite Detention Bill”

Update: I cant believe this one has lasted so long. Thankfully, they've stopped calling it the "Indefinite detention bill," but the same people still swear up and down that the NDAA allows for indefinite detention, which is patently false. It's been well over a year; you'd think they'd have read

The Veracity of Truth – The PCTC Blog Podcast #10: Hitler the gunloon, drones and Aussies

Here is episode #10 of the podcast, where I discuss the "Hitler banned guns" gunloon argument, give a new perspective on drones, and suggest, we need to give the world a new perspective on us.  2013-02-06 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast Drone Stats Article about Marines in Australia

The Veracity of Truth Podcast #9: Winning the debate, skeet shooting and conspiracy BS

In this Super Bowl Sunday episode of the podcast, I talk about what progressives have to do to win, the numbing stupidity of the skeet shooting story and what it shows us about the American press, and the silliness of conspiracy theories.  Enjoy… 2013-02-03 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast