Why the President’s 23 Executive Actions on Guns Are Well Within His Power, Despite GOP/NRA Claptrap

Just listen to the gunloons whine. Some of them are already screaming impeachment. Why? Because President Obama used his presidential power to initiate whatever he could regarding guns. They were screaming for weeks before he actually issued these orders, directives … Continue reading

These are Teabaggers. They Run the GOP. Still think both parties are the same?

The next time someone tells you “both parties are the same,” show them this gallery.  You can’t find a Democrat in the last 30 years who measures down to this level. And yet, these are the people whom Boehner is … Continue reading

“Nones” Are Starting to Drive the Electoral Bus… The Beginning of the End of the Religious Right?

(If you like this blog, consider making a donation over in the right column. Thanks…) There has been a lot of talk about the demographics of Obama’s Election Day win. He won just about every demographic group except WASP men … Continue reading

A Great Night, and An Even Greater Future, If We Can Capitalize. 2014 Starts NOW

What we saw in 2008 was the beginning of the end of the right wing dream. We were severely sidetracked in 2010. But what you witnessed last night was the death of that dream. Everything the Republican Party tried over the … Continue reading

A Small Sampling of RomneyLies™ From the First Debate, Debunked

After watching the debate, I understood what the Associated Press meant when they said they had to put a quota on correcting Michele Bachmann’s lies during the primary debates. Thank God this one was limited to the economy and health … Continue reading

The One Truth Romney Told at the First Debate: He and GOP Will Kill Medicare!

I can’t believe so many think Romney won last night’s debate. Apparently, those who did were looking at style, and ignoring the words coming out of the candidates’ mouths.  Good thing voters aren’t as dumb as most pundits. Mark my … Continue reading

Samuel L Jackson Says, “Wake the F*** Up!”

If you live in a swing state as I do, you’re probably already sick of being inundated with massive political ads. This one, however, is just a little different. Here, Actor Samuel L Jackson uses a now-infamous children’s book as … Continue reading

Romney Op-Ed Doubles Down on His 47% Silliness

It's fascinating to watch Willard Romney self-destruct, although don't feel too gleeful; the one thing that could make him squeak through is overconfidence on our part. Besides, making sure President Obama wins isn't enough, anyway. It's not good enough to … Continue reading

Veracity of Truth Podcast, Ep 4: Ryan, Akin, a cool iPhone app and Blue Dogs again.

Here's the latest episode of my podcast, in which I discuss a must-have app for political junkies, why Ryan and Akin should be joined at the hip in our rhetoric and why Blue Dog bashing is killing the progressive movement.  … Continue reading

Veracity of Truth Podcast, Ep 3: Guns, God, Gays, Blue Dogs and Emo Progs

This episode is chock full of information to think about. I hate even having to talk about emo progressives less than three months before an election, but I'm uneasy about things. This explains why…   2012-08-08 Veracity of Truth- The … Continue reading