Climate Change is THE Issue

Trumpers and other climate change deniers, listen up –

Most of us who pay attention to the world around us KNOW the climate is changing all over the world. that humans caused the climate to change.

We also know that the current, accelerated rate of climate change is caused by human activity.

No, it’s not part of a natural cycle. We know this because the Earth is warming much more quickly than it did the last several times the planet heated up. Therefore that isn’t a possibility this time. And while some of the problem may be due to cow farts, we would still have less of a problem if we had fewer cows and more trees.

No other species of animal shits in its own food bowl the way humans do. No other species has ever built huge numbers of fossil fuel-driven plants to keep us warm and to keep up the supply of electricity. No other species is driving the rate of carbon in the atmosphere to nearly the extent that humans do. No other species is clearing millions of trees from the land to build ranches where cattle can fart up a storm during their few years on the planet before they are slaughtered and provided as food to the rest of the human species.

Despite the fact that it is seriously obvious that the climate is changing, extreme far right people here in the States want to deny the change is happening at all. I’m not sure f the reasoning behind that, but then, reason has never been a strong suit of theirs. These are people who thought George W. Bush was a great choice to lead the country and nw they think Donald Trump is just the greatest ever, despite the record. They also deny evolution, even though though evidence of it is all around us all.

They can deny it all they want, but they just look moronic to do so. The evidence is overwhelming, first of all. When they deny climate change, they are denying what is obviously right in front of us. Tens of thousands of career scientists have weighed in and concluded that the climate is changing and it’s the fault of human activity.

I mean, who in their mind thinks we can build tens of millions of internal combustion engines, which burn fossil fuels and emit tons of carbon dioxide and nothing bad would happen? Fifty years ago, we were all complaining about the smog that were making our breathing more difficult. We have been cleaning soot off freeways in business for the last 60 years. Yet, some people act as if we solved that problem and it never came back. Instead, they have decided to keep doing everything they have always done, without thinking abut its effect. Since when did “out of sight, out of mind” become a political philosophy?

Here are the types of evidence that has been gathered over the years, all of which proves that those who deny climate change are just a bunch of rubes. Such a thing wouldn’t be so bad, except that we keep on electing fellow morons to run the government and do their bidding.

Here is a list of the evidence we rely on to claim climate change is a major problem and could make the planet uninhabitable by humans within a couple of decades:

  • Physics research conducted since the 1820s has shown us that CO2 absorbs
  • Since at least the 1970s, we have been collecting data and accounting for what we burn, so we know how much CO2 we emit.
  • Since the late 1960s, we have been measuring the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and compared it to the CO2 that was trapped in ice for millions of years, and the data shows the amount increasing, with that increase accelerating.
  • Since just after World War II, scientists have been conducting chemical analysis of the atmospheric CO2 that reveals the increase is coming from burning fossil fuels.
  • Since the 1930s, scientists have been monitoring climate conditions and that data has led us to correlate the rise in temperature around the world to rising CO2 emissions.
  • Since the 1830s, scientists have been trying to rule out the possibility that natural factors like the sun and ocean cycles are causing the planet to warm.
  • Since the 1960s, scientists have been employing and turning to computer models of various natural and man-made causes of climate change.
  • For a quarter-century, at least, the overwhelming consensus of scientists (more than 95%) have considered all of the above evidence and determined conclusively that climate change is real and that it is caused by human activity.
  • For more than a century, scientists have known what has become simple chemistry; when we burn carbon-based materials, carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted.

The evidence is there, and climate change is real, and it’s going to kill us unless we do something drastic. Ignore the naysayers; we have to stop burning fossil fuels and we have no choice but to use the wind and the sun are often. Burning things creates smoke that makes us cough and sometimes get sick if we breathe it in. That’s not debatable. And yet, here we are, letting these people have their way, even though what they say makes no sense.

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