McAuliffe Promises to Help Obama — RUN, BARACK, RUN!!

Terry McAuliffe, the supremely ineffective former head of the DNC and DLC stalwart, is now predicting the race will be over by early June.

But he makes a promise that is almost as scary as a convention floor fight…Terrymcauliffe

From: Clinton aide predicts race will be over by June – Yahoo! News.

"It’ll be over early June," McAuliffe said. "We’ve all said we’ll be together at the end. If Hillary doesn’t win, Hillary, (former) President (Bill) Clinton, myself, we’ll be over there helping Senator Obama. And, likewise, Senator Obama will come together to help Hillary if she’s the nominee."

Senator Obama, I implore you… if they come toward you, have the Secret Service escort them from the premises and make sure they never come back.

Please don’t let these people near your campaign. These are people who had two perfectly good candidates in Al Gore and John Kerry, and couldn’t beat the Simpleton from Crawford! These are the people who took a woman who has excellent credentials, and who had the nomination in hand, and told her that the best campaign strategy in an election in which "CHANGE" is the most important issue was to stress her many years of experience. These are people who thought that putting her on a podium and encouraging her to tell stories of Bosnian snipers was a great idea.

Seriously; the DLC is political poison, and only DLC members seem to be oblivious to it. From the time they took charge, Democrats have been a party of wussies. It’s only started changing since Howard Dean took charge.

Stick with your current team, and add some truly new blood, if you need it. But if McAuliffe comes a-knockin, please, run the other way…

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