Clinton Going “Nucular” Disenfranchises More People Than Not Seating Delegations!

In a breathless post by Thomas Edsall on the Huggington Post today, there is a worry that the Clinton Camp Says It Will Use The "Nuclear Option":

Hillary Clinton’s campaign today acknowledged plans to try to win seating of the disputed Michigan and Florida delegations to the Democratic Nation Convention at a meeting of the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee on May 31.

In a statement issued in response to a story on The Huffington Post ("Clinton Camp Considering Nuclear Option," see below), the campaign declared:

"There is no secret plan…. The Clinton campaign has been vocal in stating that the votes of 2.5 million people must be respected. Hardly a day goes by when a Clinton official doesn’t publicly declare that the votes of Michigan and Florida count and that the delegations from those states should be seated."

Yeah, okay? So?

Did anyone have any doubt that Michigan and Florida would somehow make their way to the Senate floor? That is not now, nor has it ever been the issue. They can be at the convention; that is not a problem. Their delegation can and should have input into the platform and they should be able to hear speeches and celebrate with other Democrats.

What would be illegitimate would be to seat Michigan and Florida delegates based on the results of the primary vote, which was not a legitimate primary election under any scenario.

Hillary Clinton is fond of talking about the disenfranchisement of Michigan and Florida voters, and waxes eloquent about how the voices of the people of those states should be heard.

I agree wholeheartedly. But I’m talking about disenfranchisement of ALL of the voters in both states, not just the ones who voted. How many people didn’t bother to vote for president because it wasn’t going to count? How many didn’t vote for president because their candidate’s name wasn’t on the ballot? Why do the potential votes of those people count at all? She only received 50% of the vote in Florida, even though she had the most name recognition, and by agreement, none of the candidates campaigned there. What if the Florida electorate had been given a full shot at hearing from every candidate during that election period? In Michigan, she was the only one on the ballot, no one campaigned, and again, she only received 55% of the vote.

To seat the Florida and Michigan delegations based on the results of two phony elections, that all candidates, including Senator Clinton, agreed IN WRITING would not count, would actually constitute a greater disservice to the people of Michigan than would be not allowing them a vote for a nominee. Every single person who either didn’t vote at all because it wasn’t going to count, or didn’t get to vote for their favorite candidate will have been deemed unnecessary to the process. And worse, even many those who did vote were doing so based on name recognition, and not necessarily a thorough understanding of the various candidates’ positions.

There are only three solutions in which you can legitimately count delegates from Michigan and Florida, both of which are costly. One would be to hold another election, which would be difficult to impossible at this late date. The other would be to hold caucuses in both states, which would have to happen very quickly, as late June would probably have to be a deadline for such a maneuver. But to count the votes in an election that wasn’t supposed to count, in states that no one campaigned in, and/or in which many candidates didn’t actually appear on the ballot, actually serves to disenfranchise more voters than not seating the delegates in the first place.  The third solution would be to seat the delegates half for Clinton and half for Obama, but again; it means the people essentially had no say in the process at all.

In other words, the only real option is to stick with the rules all the way through.

The fact of the matter is, it almost doesn’t matter; barring some strange, unforeseen circumstance, Barack Obama has won the Democratic nomination because he has won a majority of the available Democratic delegates. For Hillary Clinton to attempt to change the rules for her own personal benefit is shameful, it insults the people of both Florida and Michigan, and Democrats all over the country, and it shows that she has decided to place herself above the Party and the country in her own play for power.

And note to the worthless mainstream media; only in your warped mind can a candidate who has won more delegates in just TWO of the last 16 states to choose delegates have any sort of "momentum." Hillary lost because she assumed she would win, she felt entitled to win, and the people disagreed with her.

If she cares at all about her legacy and this country, she’ll run until the last primary and then play the game graciously.

Not that I’m holding my breath.

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