C’Mon House Dems: Start the Impeachment!

I know I’ve written something similar in the recent past, but we need to do our duty as citizens of this country and make sure Democrats in the House do their job and start the investigations and hearings into impeachment. Now. We really can’t “wait until Mueller;” Asshole Von Trump really needs to go and we really don’t know when Mueller will finish. Yes, I know; a lot of people claim they know the final report is nigh, but they’re not getting that from Mueller, and only Mueller and his team know what’s happening in that investigation. The Mueller investigation may wrap in the next couple weeks from now, a couple of months or a year from now. No one really knows.

But why wait? Why are Democrats waiting until the Mueller Report to take action against this fake “president,” who should never have been there in the first place? At a time when the world is facing a potential nuclear war in Asia, as the fight over the Kashmir Region seems to be intensifying, we need a leader on foreign policy to represent us on the world stage. Instead, Lord Donny is over in Vietnam, schmoozing with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, probably securing a new real estate deal for a Trump Tower Pyongyang and pretending to avert a nuclear war that was never going to happen.

The time to impeach Trump and Pence and get them out of there is now, not in six months to a year, when Bob Mueller finishes what is likely a far-ranging investigation involving hundreds, or even thousands, of indictments and taking down the criminal Trump family once and for all. There are so many impeachable offenses to investigate, the House Judiciary Committee should be neck deep in hearings scheduling and witness interviews.

Keep in mind, folks; impeachment does not require criminal behavior on the part of the president and vice president. They can be fired for incompetence, for malfeasance or anything. And there is plenty of that. Here are some examples:

  • Violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution; ongoing since noon on January 20, 2017.
  • He is using the “bully pulpit” as a profit center and he is still doing deals on behalf of his privately held company.
  • Trump has been making money hand over fist since the beginning at the expense of taxpayers. Every trip to one of his properties to play golf costs the taxpayers a bundle, and all that money goes into Trump Organization coffers.
  • He has repeatedly and publicly sided with Russian President Putin over U.S. intelligence professionals.
  • He refuses to accept his intelligence briefings and publicly expresses contempt for the hard work the intelligence community does, which constitutes negligence, at the very least.
  • He has impetuously made critical foreign policy decisions without consulting experts.
  • His policies on immigration have violated the law and our national principles repeatedly.
  • He has referred to our allies in derogatory terms and he has repeatedly favored dictatorial regimes over democracies and openly wished for dictatorial powers.
  • He jailed thousands of children and amid countless reports of sexual and physical abuse of these children, he has done nothing.
  • He has insulted virtually everyone who has ever disagreed with him.
  • He has embarrassed the United States repeatedly.
  • He has repeatedly demonstrated contempt for the American people as a whole and he has openly demonstrated that he only works for the people who have worked for him.
  • He has repeatedly met with Putin behind closed doors and refused to allow a record to be made of those meetings.
  • He met with Russian agents in the Oval Office and took great pains to make sure there was no record of what was said.
  • He signed a deal for a huge Trump resort in Indonesia, thanked China for its help and publicly demanded that sanctions be lifted on a Chinese telecom company accused of selling smartphones capable of spying on Americans.
  • He has repeatedly given Saudi Arabia a pass on the murder of an American journalist and he has offered them nuclear technology without running by intel officials or the military.
  • He has dozens and dozens of cronies in key positions in the White House, who are absolutely unqualified for their positions.
  • He decimated several Cabinet Departments when he moved into the White House and has never replaced the personnel.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re the freaking Titanic right now, except that the Titanic had a captain. This country is facing some major problems right now and we effectively have no leadership. This country cannot function without competent leadership. This “president” has shown himself to be completely incompetent, totally incurious and phenomenally stupid. He demonstrates no knowledge about anything important and he seems unable to learn anything. Trump has been in the office for more than two years and he still has no idea what his job entails. He doesn’t know how government works and he apparently envisions himself the king of a nation that consciously chose not to have a monarchy.

All of this adds up to hundreds of Articles of Impeachment, many of which can be proven with his Twitter stream and his statements at rallies. We put Democrats in charge for a reason and it’s time they fulfilled that reason. Start the impeachment process NOW; don’t wait for Mueller. Get Trump out of office first, then take on Pence and put President Pelosi in charge.

This has to happen now, not in six months. Hell; based on William Barr’s statements during his confirmation hearings, there is no way to know if Congress will ever actually SEE the Mueller Report when it is written. And there have never been so many grounds for impeachment just laying on the ground, waiting for the House Judiciary Committee to pick them up and use them. We don’t have to wait for the Russian conspiracy to be proven to nail his ass and get him out of there.

Impeach the asshole NOW!

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