Confessions of a Republican

Wow. This is a Republican in 1964, fretting over the prospect of Goldwater becoming President.

Imagine what he would think about the current crop of Republican candidates, especially Drumpf and Cruz.


Here’s another thing to think about. When you claim Hillary is “practically a Republican,” this is probably what you are thinking of. That said, what is it about the current Republican Party that makes you think of anyone this reasonable, thoughtful and caring for his country?

There is nothing about ANY Democrat right now that could possibly remind any sentient human being of a current Republican. This video demonstrates just how bad the GOP has gotten in the last half century.

Being Better Liberals
Sometimes, the Best Thing to Do is to Shut up and Listen

The biggest problem the left has is actually simple to fix. White liberals, especially men, need to learn to sit the hell down and shut the hell up once in a while. There seems to exist a belief that being a “progressive” means talking about everything and having a “conversation” …

Crap Cutting 101
What’s the Point of This Deficit Exploding Tax Bill?

The Republican tax plan is a joke. If you think you’re going to get a huge tax cut, you’re dumber than a Trump voter. Even when you look at the consolidation of tax brackets from seven to four, the only people to see a major decrease in taxes are married …

Being Better Liberals
Supporting Democrats is a Moral Imperative for Progressives

A lesson should have been learned last Tuesday, when Democrats pulled off the kind of win they used to pull off on a regular basis for many years, when this country was becoming the economic and civil rights standard bearers for the world. It was amazing to watch and it …

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