Conventional Entertainment

The best
entertainment out Denver way hasn’t actually been provided by the Democrats
themselves, but rather, by the far right idiots who are just delusional enough
to think they’ll be able to sway "liberals" into believing that the
Republicans have all the answers.

First up was
a “pro-life” protest just east of downtown, in which one young blonde woman was
shouting from a bullhorn, excoriating people to stop allowing the “murder” of
babies. A couple of people held signs touting a “feminist majority,” but the
wingnut “cleverly” argued that abortion “kills feminists, too.” Someone had
also written some of their fine slogans in chalk all over the sidewalk,
including “adoption not abortion.” Apparently, no one has told them that there
are currently one million children in the country who are already in the system
and will never be adopted, and to force women to have children they don’t want
will simply increase the number of children who are wards of the state. Imagine
something like an extra million unadopted babies added every year, and you can
see the problem. Of course, a wingnut can’t see the problem.

There were
actually more police than protesters at the “pro-life” event, at least when I
was there. There was one large truck with about nine fully-armed officers at
the ready, at least three more cruisers, with two officers each, and 3-4 more
on each corner surrounding the protest. Now, I think most of these protesters
are naïve idiots, but they’re not dangerous, for Chrissakes. And those
protesting against them have been doing so for years, and have pretty much
never started anything violent or overtly criminal, as far as I know.  Of course, they ordered in so many police, one
has to assume an awful lot of them are bored.

blocks away, at Champa Street at the 16th Street Mall, screamed the
street preachers. Now, frankly, I think they have a lot of balls calling
themselves preachers, because that’s not what they actually do. They actually
just scream at people and tell them they’re going to hell. One guy was carrying
a sign that said “Ask Me Why You’re Going to Hell,” but seemed quite upset
anytime anyone actually asked him. He
was also wearing a cap that said “Fear God,” though he seemed to fear nothing,
at least until I started challenging him a little. Basic challenges; the kind
any Jesus Freak should know by heart; if everything in the Bible is absolutely
the unerring truth, and absolute history, then why did God create woman twice? And
I pointed out the fact that he was telling complete strangers why they were
going to hell was a violation of several of the Ten Commandments he allegedly
held so dear. 

When I told
him, “God speaks to me, and He just told me you’re an asshole,” he kind of lost
it, and another wingnut joined in, saying “all Democrats are like that.” My
conversation with him became more interesting.  It started when I pointed out that at least 80%
of Democrats are Christians, and fully 90-95% of them believe in God, and he
stuttered and claimed he was speaking in generalities, and then claimed he used
to be a Democrat (they all do that), but that he switched when the Democrats
stopped representing “values.” I asked him what sorts of values, and of course,
he brought up abortion. He stammered
again when I suggested that the Republican Party was hosing him; they’d been in
the majority for most of the last 30 years, and yet did nothing little to
nothing about abortion. He tried to play up the fact that wingnut presidents
have crammed the courts with wingnut judges, but I hosed him on that, as well,
when I pointed out that, for 12 years, Republicans ran the show, and except for “partial birth abortion,”
which is hardly ever used, anyway, they never sent Clinton a bill he could
veto, and they never sent Bush a bill he could sign.

I never got to the guy holding the sign reading “Homo Sex is a Sin,” because
they left too quickly. That would have been fun.

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