Updated: Cut the Crap – This is ALL the Republicans’ Fault.

Make no mistake. What’s happening now, from the asinine sequester, to the government shutdown, to the threatened default is 100% the fault of the Republican Party. If you think otherwise, you aren’t really paying attention. Your first clue should be, this kind of thing never happened before. So, what’s different now? Two words; Tea Party. Ignorant people are running the show now, and this is what happens.

Yes, I am a partisan, and I have always leaned toward the Democratic Party. But when I was younger, I did vote for Republicans, if I thought they were the better candidate. But the GOP went bull goose loony about 20 years ago, and they have been sliding down that slippery slope for a long time, until we find ourselve in this current cesspool.

Some people think assessing blame on both sides seems “fair” on some level, but it’s not. The only thing truly fair is the truth. It’s not possible to correct a problem if you don’t acknowledge what is apparent, especially something as apparent as the current situation. There is no way you can assess even five percent blame to Democrats on any of this, except maybe the sequester. Everything else – the constant threats of shutdown and default, the incessant voting to kill a bill that passed nearly four years ago, and the refusal to pass anything that might be good for the country if it makes President Obama look good – is all courtesy of the Republican Party, folks.

This is the first government shutdown in about 18 years, and it was engineered by House Republicans, who are actually doing all of this for a political purpose, believe it or not. They are simultaneously trying to feed their Tea Party whacko “base” and trying to make as many voters upset with “the system” as possible, so they’ll stay home in 2014 and 2016. They want you pissed off. They want you upset and they want you to think everything is the two parties not getting along, because they know that such thoughts will make people stay home. It’s their main strategy for electoral success;their far right base will show up and vote obsessively for any Republican. The only way they can win is if everyone else decides to stay home.

Now shutdowns actually aren’t all that rare, and some have been caused by both parties. In fact, there have been 16 of them since 1976, and 14 of them were just impasses over the budget and lasted a weekend, at most. This marks the first one ever that is not budget-related. Democrats have agreed to a lot, in order to avert a shutdown, except one thing; a proposal to defund Obamacare. They agreed to leave the sequester cuts in place, they agreed to keep last year’s funding levels, and they have agreed to a ridiculously short funding framework. By passing the Congressional Resolution to keep funding the government until December, they actually agreed to every budget cut the Republican House has forced upon us for the last five years. But Republicans demanded that one last thing. They don’t negotiate, they make ransom demand.

Seriously, compare what Obama does with them and what they do to Obama, and you’ll know who negotiates and who doesn’t. Obama always makes a proposal, and asks what Republicans want. The current GOP has never asked what Obama or Democrats want. Think about it and you’ll know I’m right about that.

As for the debt ceiling, the truth is, it probably shouldn’t even exist, and it will probably be repealed the next time Republicans lose. But in the more than a century of its existence, it’s never even been a factor before. Now, all of a sudden, Republicans have decided to mess with the country’s credit rating, and make all of us suffer. And for what? To show how powerful they are? Never before, in the history of the oldest constitutional republic on earth, has anyone inside the government threatened the well-being of the country. EVER.

Ask yourself; during the six years hat George Bush sat in the White House the Republicans ran Congress, did you once see Democrats display the brinksmanship you’re seeing routinely these days? Have you EVER heard Democrats refer to the opposition as “the enemy”? For that matter, have you ever seen this level of disrespect shown toward the President of the United States coming from a Democrat who is serving in the government? For that matter, have you ever seen a major political party demonstrate such disdain for the democratic political process, EVER? The answer to all of the above is, no.

Republicans used to treat Democrats as the loyal opposition, and they treated the system with respect, albeit grudging at times. Now, that’s not the case. How many ways can the current Republican Party show you they don’t give a shit for anyone before you get the hint? They don’t care about the country; they only care about their party and political power. In 2001, after the terrorist attacks, Democrats supported the President and gave him what he said he needed, and they did so to a fault. I have no doubt that, if such an attack happened today, Republicans would bring an impeachment action and use the “unity” to repeal Obamacare.

The shutdown is bad. Default – even a short one – could be devastating. And one political party is causing all of it. Republican need to shed their far right wing and become sane again. They need to jettison the Tea Party and reach out to moderate voters, for the sake of the country. But that can’t happen until Republicans lose for a while.

We should help with that.

UPDATE: So, once again last night, the House saved us from a potential tragedy of their own making, by finally putting forth a clean Congressional Resolution, with two hours to go before default. The vote was 285-144, which means Speaker of the House John Boehner was lying to us when he claimed he didn’t have the votes.

But what’s striking is, 144 – that’s ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR – Congresscritters voted to keep the government shut down and to let the country go into default. Fot those who are wondering, All ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR who voted to ruin the country’s credit were REPUBLICANS. Not one Democrat voted against the measure. Not one Democrat voted to keep the country shut down. Not one Democrat thought it was a good idea to default on our debt.

Again, this is all about the current Republican Party.

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