Cutting the Crap on Immigration Policy

Let’s start by making something crystal clear. It is not against the law for anyone to come into the United States to ask for asylum. On the contrary, such people are not considered lawbreakers in any way, shape or form. There are provisions in the law that allow for anyone to come over the border and make a case for asylum.

In other words, the people acting illegally on the border are the Trump regime. The people coming here for A new life, to escape the corruption and crime in their own country are being met by ICE agents, often BEFORE they even set foot on US soil, who violate their rights and accuse them of a crime that essentially doesn’t exist. And they arrest them without any probable cause and without any sense of due process. One thing I have always loved most about this country has always been our willingness to take in people who are having a rough time elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the current Trump government, aided and abetted by the Republican majorities in the House and Senate and far too many states, has decided that entrapment is the best way to “catch” people who are here illegally. In other words, they are violating the rights of people who are coming here because their rights are being violated in their country of origination. They claim they are trying to “protect the border,” but they’re not doing anything that amounts to “protection,” unless the mere presence of non-alabaster people in our country is seen as some sort of threat.

Our nation has always been welcoming, and it is is disturbing that one insecure baby of a man who needs white nationalists and Nazis in order to function has changed all that. More disturbing is that his political party, many of whom represent states and districts and states along the southern border, do absolutely nothing to stop him, even as he violates the Constitution with every decision. Just as disturbing is the fact that no one working with the Border Patrol seems capable of refusing what is clearly an illegal order, which is their right to do under the law.

On our side, some think “Abolish ICE” is the solution, when a demand to force the goddamned government to do its job and honor its oath to the country and the Constitution is not only more effective, but a hell of a lot more possible. Yet, here we are, with the simplistic “Abolish ICE” meme.

Okay… suppose we “Abolish ICE.” Then what? We still need to secure the border. Though it hasn’t happened very often yet, it would still be possible for people with bad intent to make it over the border with impunity if we left it open enough, with no law enforcement. Therefore, we would have to replace the Border Patrol. We still have to keep track of immigrants who come here; the days of no rules and regulations for immigrants have been over for a long time; about 170 years, to be exact. We have immigration regulations for a reason. So, we would have to have an immigration agency to secure the border and enforce immigration regulations. “Abolish ICE” is not the answer. This is what certain strains of progressives always do; they adopt a slogan they think will “sound good” to the people who don’t want our government to snatch kids, and then they hang onto it like a small dog with its favorite chew toy. And then, they are shocked when a majority of the American people don’t feel the same way about it.

The answer to this immigration nonsense is to hold the government’s feet to the fire and make them treat immigrants as human beings for a change. Then, in November – and that means EVERY NOVEMBER – we elect Democrats everywhere we can. And I mean Democrats, not anyone in the race who says everything you agree with. This is about the body politic, not your goddamned ego. We have to decide what we want this country to be. We should want a country that is just and fair to everyone, regardless of where they come from.

When someone knocks on our collective door and asks for relief from life-threatening conditions in their home country, we should be welcoming them in, offering them soup and a place to stay until they can get on their feet. We should not be yelling at them and calling them criminals for wanting a better life for themselves and their family. We were once a beacon for the entire world. When Europeans were threatened by Hitler 80+ years ago, they came to the United States, and they helped lead us out of the Great Depression. Now, a lot of people from Central and South America are facing conditions that are often nearly as dire and they are coming here and being abused. This is wrong on every level.

Yes, we should secure our border, but that does not mean we assume everyone who comes here is a criminal, bent on creating havoc. Most of them come here and work their asses off and help our economy. They do jobs most Americans won’t do and they pay taxes, just like everyone else. They are not here to make trouble and, in fact, they commit fewer crimes than US natives. The “chaos” at the border is solely Trump-made, and our job is to make it stop. Every lawyer with the means should be down there along the border, or they should be going to every shelter in every state in the union that is housing Trump-kidnapped children and they should represent each one. Every document signed by an immigrant under current circumstances should be shredded and the entire process should be started over. In fact, given the circumstances of this “zero tolerance” horseshit, everyone affected should be given amnesty and a path to citizenship, if that’s what they want. This is our opportunity to start the process of taking our country back. Make sure Democrats CRUSH Republicans in November and then FORCE the Trump regime to follow the law and, just as importantly, the Constitution.

The only thing missing right now is a voice telling Lord Donny he can’t do any goddamn thing he wants and that the Constitution he promised to support and defend during his sparsely-attended inauguration actually means something and is not something he can simply ignore when it’s inconvenient. Stop whining and screaming “Abolish ICE.” It’s time to take this country back, one step at a time. Call your congresscritters and try to shame them into holding Trump accountable and, when they don’t (and we all know they won’t), we get rid of them. All of them, and replace them with Democrats who will do that. Elections have consequences, folks. We are living through those consequences right now. Immigration is our way back in. Let’s do this.

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  1. Milt, I generally agree with your article, but if we abolished ICE, we would not have to “replace Border Patrol.” ICE is not CBP. I’m not on the “abolish ICE” bandwagon, but I do think it’s important to remember that what used to be INS is now three different branches of government with different functions: CBP, ICE, and CIS.