Cutting the Crap: “Redistribution of Wealth” as a Neocon Talking Point

I know the neocons hate the word “redistribution,” because they claim it sounds “communist,” but here’s a stone cold fact; their baby, supply-side economics, is all about redistribution of wealth. These assholes have been taking from the average person for years. Look at your 401(k) for a clue. Twice in the last eight years, your account has been plundered. Haven’t you wondered where that money went? I’ll give you a hint; it didn’t vanish into thin air. Someone has that money; it just isn’t you. That money was “redistributed” to someone who’s right now laughing at your stupidity for trusting him. Money doesn’t disappear into the ether; it moves from one place to another. Don’t let these assholes fool you about the evil inherent in “redistribution of wealth.”

All wealth gets redistributed. That's how the freaking economy works. But for years, they've been creating instruments designed to take money from other investors — you know, like you and your retirement fund — and keep it themselves. That's why we're in the economic mess we're in, folks. Wealth is always redistributed, but for the last eight years, it's only been redistributed from the poor and the middle class to the rich.

It's time to even that out a bit, don't you think?

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