David Brooks: Wingnut GOP Has No Belief System? Yeah, they Do, and That’s What’s Killing Them!

The things that make
me laugh…


On Sunday's
"Face the Nation," conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks
said, quite accurately, that the current incarnation of the Republican Party
was "in a world of pain," because the party is "just a circular
firing squad with everybody attacking each other and no coherent belief system,
no leaders. …  you have half the party
waiting for Sarah Palin to come rescue them, the other half waiting for Bobby
Jindal, the Louisiana governor, to come rescue them. But no set of beliefs,
really a decayed conservative infrastructure."


He has to be kidding
with this.


If there is one
thing the Republican Party has had over the last 28 years, it's a leadership,
and a very strong belief system. The reason the Republican Party is in a
"world of pain" is because their leadership and their belief system
have been morally reprehensible, and ethically challenged bastardizations of
what the United States is supposed to be about, and strangely, the people don't
really care for that sort of thing.


Let's start with
their leadership. It's roughly the same as it has been for a generation;
corrupt bastards who hate everyone who isn't rich, and think they're entitled
to be in power because it's their turn. It's difficult to name a Republican
leader in the last 30 years who hasn't been forced to resign or
"retire" because of some sort of scandal, and even those who weren't
involved in a specific scandal supported others who were.  I mean, can you even imagine a Democrat
outing a CIA agent and other Democrats letting him get away with it? Yeah, me
either. And how corrupt must your leadership be to run against the sins of the
other party, and then commit the same sins, and even build upon them, when you
take power?

And the douchebags
leading the Republican Party over the last 30 years had a very clear agenda,
and one that even a relatively respectable conservative like David Brooks held
his nose and supported. They tried to hide their agenda by adopting words and phrases
that would have made Josef Goebbels proud, but the agenda was available for all
to see, if anyone bothered to look.


Their main agenda
was simple, in part because their constituency, such as it was, was made up
largely of brain-dead morons, who wouldn't have understood anything that
actually made sense. Here's the agenda, in a nutshell.

  • Undo as much of the New Deal
    as possible.
  • To kill "entitlement
    programs" such as Social Security and Medicare, and funnel the money
    to contributors to their campaign.
  • Their major premise was that
    government is inherently too incompetent to do much of anything right, and
    they had to prove it so. (Think Hurricane Katrina)
  • Cut taxes and increase
    payments to the richest Americans, while at the same time making the poor
    and working class work so hard just to survive, that they wouldn't be able
    to do anything about it.
  • To "starve the
    beast." By reducing the amount of money coming into the Treasury, and
    burying the country under a mountain of debt, they could simultaneously
    prove the government incompetent and — I kid you not — permanently
    reduce taxes on the rich. (Logic was never the right's strong suit.)
  • Eliminate the Middle Class,
    and create an oligarchy, in which 99% of the country was completely
    dependent on the other 1% for their family's survival.


And if you think I'm
exaggerating, consider the following:

  • Over the last 30 years,
    hasn't the Republican Party effectively killed a large number of
    regulations at the heart of the schema 
    designed to prevent another Great Depression?  One of the last vestiges was the
    Glass-Steagall Act, which the Republicans killed once and for all in 1999.
    And remember the Sherman Act? Why have they stopped enforcing that to any
    great degree?
  • Did the Republican Party, or
    did they not try to turn Social Security into a market-based activity, and
    did they, or did they not tack an unwieldy prescription drug program onto
    Medicare, purposely forbidding any price controls for said drugs?
  • Why did the Bush
    Administration feel absolutely justified in giving almost every major
    government position to unqualified cronies, if their intent was not to
    demonstrate the incompetence of government? Why were most White House
    lawyers during the Bush Administration kid lawyers from Pat Robertson's
    hack law school, and barely qualified to practice law with a real firm,
    let alone work for the people in the government?
  • Didn't the rich get almost
    all of the tax breaks during the last 30 years, while taxes for the poor
    and working classes went up? Why is it the only taxes Republicans cut are
    income, corporate and estate taxes? Why do they never even discuss
    reductions in payroll taxes? And why, when they had control of all
    branches of government for almost all of six years, did they cut federal
    student aid drastically, at the same time they were giving tax money to
    oil companies and other large corporations?
  • If they weren't
    "starving the beast," then explain all of the deficit spending?
    When the neocon era began in 1981, the national debt was barely $1
    trillion. Now, 28 years later, it's topped $10 trillion, even after a
    short period in which Bill  Clinton
    guilted them into balancing the budget. 
    They keeep expanding government size, expanding government power,
    and expanding government spending, at the same time they keep reducing the
    revenue stream.
  • And isn't it obvious that
    they have planned all along to kill the middle class and create an
    oligarchy? Why is it now almost impossible for a family to live on one
    income these days? Why has the minimum wage not kept up with inflation?
    Why have they done everything possible to suppress union recruitment and
    membership? Why have they encouraged the level of personal debt in this
    country? Everything they have done for the last 28 years, and especially
    the last eight, has been designed to funnel money from the poor to the
    rich. Now, why do that, if your intent is not to cede power from the
    majority of working people, to a small minority of extremely rich people?


David Brooks is
absolutely wrong. The reason the Republican Party is in a "world of
pain" is because Americans figured out what they were really up to, and
all but a few right wing morons  — those
who are too brain dead to figure out that abortion is a right, that gays get
married every day, and there's nothing they can do to stop it, and that no one
wants to take their goddamn squirrel rifle , and who think George Bush is the
shit — don't like that agenda.


Face it; parties
without an agenda lose by the electoral votes in one state. What's killing the
Republican Party right now IS their agenda.


Time to tell the
wingnuts to pack it in and take it elsewhere. Put them back in the margins,
where they belong.

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