Dear America: Get a GRIP!

Okay, folks, stop with the hysteria. Fear in the wake of the Paris tragedy is not helpful in the least. I mean, we did this before, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and all we did was make terrorists stronger. That’s what they feed on; there’s a reason they call it “terrorism.” Their goal is to create terror among the people and make them afraid to be free and go about their business.

Now allowing refugees anywhere where “white Christians” are is not how Christians are supposed to act, and us reacting with fear and trepidation is feeding ISIL. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind;

    • We don’t know that ISIL actually “masterminded” the Paris attacks. That they took credit for it doesn’t mean they actually did so; they often take credit for work done by freelancers.
    • Even if they did “mastermind” the attacks, the fact that they did so means they are on the ropes. Why would ISIL funnel finite resources to disparate areas and operations when they are desperately trying to hold on where they are?
    • The nature of ISIL tells us that their goal is to create fissures within societies they despise, meaning societies in the West, which they view as a major problem based on hundreds of years of interference. I’m not saying they have a rationale for killing innocent people, I’m saying that they think they have a rationale.

Imagine their unparalleled glee at the reaction of so many throughout the west, who think the proper reaction to terrorist attacks is to lock down every country that feels for the people of France. Imagine their joy at looking at right wing idiots in multiple countries calling to bomb whole countries full of oppressed people “into the stone age.” This is what they want.

They also want us to give up our principles, so imagine their sheer happiness at the right wing’s reaction to Obama shipping five Yemeni prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay prison to the United Arab Emirates, which is pure fear and hysteria. They are incensed that Obama is “playing into the hands of ISIL” by doing this, apparently blissfully unaware that we have held these five people for 13 years without charges and that the UAE is not only an ally, but they’re playing a key role in trying to defeat ISIL.

Of course, if these idiots actually cared about the borders and keeping them secure, they would pass comprehensive immigration reform that complies with American principles. Right now, because we don’t know who’s here illegally, there could be some people within our borders now who want to do us harm and the best way to identify them is to let those who want to be here legally do so. You know, like now. We are never going to deport more than 11 million people, so let’s put aside that fantasy for a while and stick to our principles as a nation.

So far, at least a dozen Republican state governors have declared their intention to refuse to allow Syrian refugees into their states. Besides the fact that they have no power to do so, they are really helping ISIL find a toehold in Western society and they are helping recruit more assholes than ISIL could with any social media campaign they could dream up.

As this video says, stop giving ISIL what they want.

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