Dear Republican “Base,” Why Do You Let Your Party Take You For Fools?

I really don’t understand why the people in red states continue to vote Republican, and do so habitually. Why do none of them take the time to realize that the Republican leadership is playing them for fools. Therefore, I am directing this to the Republicans who make up their party’s “base.”

Do you know why the Republican Party says the things they do to? It’s because you fall for it, that’s why. They’re trying to fleece you, and you let them! Actually, not only do you let them, you practically insist that they continue.

Look at the loudest voices on the Republican side. Do you really think people like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and the like actually believe the crap they spout? They sure don’t live the way they demand you live. Limbaugh is a drug addict, who was doctor shopping and who used his maid to pick up thousands of oxycontin pills for him, so he could avoid getting caught. Then this right wing Republican icon went to the ACLU to help get him out of trouble. Obviously, I don’t have a probem with the ACLU, and have been a member for years, but Republicans supposedly hate them. He’s also been married four times and he was caught with lots of Viagra when he was coming home from a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Does this sound like a “family values conservative”? How about Ann Coulter? What about her lifestyle screams “conservative” to you?

The highest profile Republican mouthpieces, like Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and countless others have others write books full of lies, slander and bigotry for them (you don’t really think they write them, do you?), because they know the Republican “base” will buy them, and right wing websites will give them away as premiums to those of you who pay them every month for the privilege of reading their lies. Regnery Press has built an empire publishing books that no one actually reads, because they want to feel like they’re supporting a “cause.” If you think I’m kidding, consider the fact that all of these books use endnotes, not footnotes, and most of the footnotes lead to opinion pieces that agree, not prove, their statements. Endnotes are usually used by those who hope you won’t go all the way to the back of the book and verify the information. They are sometimes used by liberals, as well, but they are used more extensively in right wng circles.

These people, who are heavily sponsored by the Republican Party and their sponsors, tell you guys what you want to hear, and you fall for it. If you look closely, they never actually do anything; they know you’ll support them with lots of money, because you seem to have no idea you’re being fleeced. This is the Fox News business model; tell you right wingers what you want to hear, regardless of the facts, and collect money for doing so. They repeat Republican talking points because that’s what makes them money. I will guarantee you that, if liberals were as gullible, they would be a liberal network. 

You folks in the Republican “base” are the veritable wet dream of the richest 1% of the country, because you’re gullible. You have little to no money, and you will buy anything “certain people” want to sell you. The current leadership of the Republican Party are nothing more than snake oil salesmen, and they count on the “base” to be dumb enough to buy anything they sell, no matter how ludicrous and fraudulent what they’re selling is. 

If you’re part of the Republican “base,” what the hell is wrong with you? Blue states are better places to live; they feature more jobs, better pay, better education, less crime and an overall better standard of living. I’ve proven it with the numbers in another blog post. The only reason your states get away with lower taxes is because blue states subsidize you.

Think about it. Most people who habitually vote Republican have almost no money, and yet, you cheer when the Republicans screw you by killing a higher minimum wage or by instituting “right to work” laws, thus guaranteeing lower wages for the foreseeable future. Why do that to yourself? Because of tax cuts? Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but most of the Republican “base” has seen almost nothing in the way of tax cuts. According to a CBO report issued earlier this year, most of the tax cuts over the last 33 years have gone to the very rich. In fact, the top 1% saw 17% of the tax savings, and half of the savings went to the top 20% of earners. That means most of us are paying roughly the same tax rates we were paying before the neocon era. In many cases, working class people are paying higher taxes. And it’s no wonder, since the GOP pretty much only cuts income taxes, which many working class people don’t pay, while they routinely raise payroll taxes, which everyone but the very rich pay.

I guess the question is, Republicans, how stupid are you? You know your states are economic toilets, where the richest folks and corporations get treated like kings, while the average person is treated like a serf. You are being played, Republican “base,” and the way you get played just keeps getting more absurd.

For example, let’s look at the Affordable Care Act for a moment, shall we? You know it as Obamacare.

If you are one of those who think it’s possible to “defund” Obamacare and stop it, you’re a stone fool, and you’re being played by the Republican Party leadership. If one were to “defund” Obamacare right now, it would have exactly zero impact, because most of the government money to set it up has already been spent. The exchanges are already in place, and signups will start on time, October 1. The actual insurance doesn’t kick in until January 1, so unless Republicans in Congress are willing to shut down the government for three full months, such a thing will have no effect, anyway. Are you willing to cut off Social Security checks, soldiers’ pay, disability checks and all of that for three solid months, including the Holidays, just to “defund” Obamacare?

Of course, you won’t defund it, anyway, since more than 90% of the funds for the ACA come out of people’s pockets, in the form of premiums. In fact, the single-largest cost is the $260 billion in tax breaks designed to assist employers in paying for heath insurance. It doesn’t mean employers won’t have to provide insurance, just that they won’t get a tax break for doing so. Does that sound like a good deal to you? The government is committed to subsidizing insurance for those people who can’t afford premiums and who don’t get insurance from their employer, but that’s it. That’s not going to make Obamacare go away.

See, what your Republican handlers are doing is fleecing you. They’re taking campaign funds from you by making a promise that they can’t possibly keep. The Affordable care Act is a law, not a bill. A LAW. It’s not an option for Congress to fund it, it’s an obligation. But even without funding, the ACA will continue to be implemented. Most of the ACA is about regulating the insurance industry, not providing “free” insurance to people. It doesn’t create a government run health care system and it doesn’t create a government insurance system. More than 90% of its funding does not come from government.

Therefore, how pissed off will you be when the GOP shuts down the government over a scheme that won’t even work? Because it won’t work. It can’t work. WE pay for most of Obamacare, not the government.

Stop believing everything the Republican BS machine puts out there for you to buy. Learn to think for yourselves, Republicans. They’re lying to you, to make lots of money from you. At some point, you have to open your eyes and look around and realize this.


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