Dear Trump Supporters

I have been saying for months, Donald Trump is quite obviously trying to not win the presidential race. Likewise, the Republican National Committee, run by Reinhold Priebus, has been looking for a graceful way to get him out of the race, without pissing off their base to a degree that is more than necessary. Of course, that’s more difficult than it looks, because the far righties who make up the Trump caucus and the Republican base are terminally pissed off, anyway. The tricky part will be doing it in a way that will encourage them to at least show up for other races, even if they’re not excited by their choice for president. (I would say “choices,” but there is no way any of these people will ever vote for another Clinton.)

The dilemma for the people who run America’s Dumbest Party is that they can’t win if turnout is less than 80-90% among their faithful. If they just dump Trump, a lot of his staunchest followers will boycott the party for violating democratic principles, even though Trump really didn’t win a majority of Republican votes in the primaries. If they stay home, even the Bernie Stans can’t screw things up the way they usually do. In other words, this should be a banner year for the progressive movement; for once, even PUBs and the professional left will have a hard time helping the GOP win. (Of course, then we have to worry about backtracking in 2018, but one thing at a time.)

Who are the Trump voters, really? They are the culmination of everything the Republican Party has been building for many years. As discussed in a previous column, when you spend a half-century building a party out of the most racist, bigoted and despicable elements of our society, you get Trump voters. You know, hypocrites with absolutely no principles or scruples. Here are some of the things that make the average Trump voter into an unprincipled, clueless boob. And yes, Trump voters, I mean you. You are the mud-dumbest moron ever created and I can prove it to you.

You claim, “He only says what’s on his mind.” You claim he’s honest because he doesn’t read a pre-written speech off a TelePrompTer. 

Really. According to Politifact, pretty much everything Trump says is complete crap. Do all politicians lie, on some level? Of course they do. We pretty much demand it of them. But let’s get real; regardless of the old joke, no one lies pretty much every time they open their mouths. Well, until Trump, anyway. According to Politifact, only nine percent of statements they checked were rated “True” or “Mostly True.” Even when you had “Half True” in there, only one in four statements they assessed could even be rated partially true. (Source) found much the same thing. (Source) So, while Trump may be saying what’s on his mind, he is in no way honest. And that makes you an absolute hypocrite. You demand that everyone else running for office tell the truth, and you go after Democrats for lying, while your standard-bearer is a lying sack of shit. Check out Hillary Clinton’s record on Politifact and compare it to Trump.

Sorry, but saying what’s on your mind is only honorable if you by-and-large tell the truth.

You’ve been whining about the size of the debt for eight years. 

Even though your previous hero, Darth Cheney, once claimed that “Deficits don’t matter,” you people have been blaming Obama for increasing the debt by a wide margin for eight years. Putting aside the reality that most of the debt increase has been the result of interest payments on the debt that Republicans ran up during one five terms of Reagan and two Bushes, how the hell do you square that with Donald Trump, who boasts that he is the “King of Debt”? No, that’s not a joke. He Tweeted this yesterday:

So, here’s the thing. Your entire being for the last 36 years has been to blame the “tax and spend” Democrats for every economic problem because they keep running up the debt, but you are now putting all of your eggs in the basket of someone who acknowledges that they love debt and that they make a ton of money by running up debt. Good job.

You people have been referring to the Clinton Foundation as a “money laundering” venture.

Speaking of money, have you seen his latest FEC filing? If not, take a good look. You claim Trump will be less susceptible to corruption because he’s already rich, but… I mean, come on, folks. First of all, his is not “self-financing” at all. What he did was to lend his campaign money, which means that every dollar he takes in from fundraising can be used to pay himself back, with interest. Of course, according to his most recent FEC filing for May, a large number of enterprises bearing his name received an awful lot of his money; at least $6.2 million, which is roughly 10 percent of everything he’s taken in since the beginning of the campaign. (Source)  His campaign has paid nearly $350,000 to “Tag Air,” whose CEO is listed as one Donald J. Trump. Keep in mind, Trump has made a point of making sure he goes back home every night to sleep in his own bed. Speaking of which, the campaign has also paid more than $423,000 to rent Mar-a-Lago in Florida, which Trump owns and has also paid nearly $100,000 to use his Florida golf course for… Who knows what?

You should realize, that does not include the money that will eventually be used to pay himself back. In other words, he lent himself money to pay himself for his plane and his facilities, and he will also pay himself back with the money his donors give him. And that’s just the most blatant “money laundering” that he’s doing here. There are lots of other expenditures that will require a lot of scrutiny, not the least of which would be his payments to “Draper Sterling,” which would seem to be housed in a residential address owned by a Republican operative named Jon Adkins. The company ostensibly provides “web advertising” for the Trump campaign, but it smacks of cronyism. (Source)

In other words, while you complain about “Crooked Hillary’s” involvement with one of the most open and above board charities anywhere, your hero is apparently using donors to his own campaign to actually enrich himself.

You people claim Bill Clinton is some sort of a serial philanderer, but…

Even if the accusations about Bill Clinton was true, Hillary Clinton is not her husband. However, after 25 years of investigation, while there have been a lot of unsupported allegations and lots of unofficial investigations, but the only thing that has ever been confirmed is one consensual sexual encounter, which we all know about.

If allegations are sufficient for making a judgment about someone, then how can you possibly support Trump, you hypocrites? The most obvious accusation is when ex-wife Ivana claimed that he raped her while they were married, but there is also a lawsuit out there in which a woman claims that Trump and a friend, a real scumbag named Jeffrey Epstein, had sex with her in 1994. (Source) Now, I will be the first to admit, there is no way to know that it’s true, but then, you’re the ones claiming that everything said about Bill Clinton is true.

And let’s face it, folks, it’s not like Trump is a stellar individual when it comes to how he treats women. There is a long string of evidence of Trump’s misogyny and sexual harassment, if not outright sexual assault.

Put simply, the people who support Donald Trump are hypocrites. And let’s be clear, folks. In this election season, if you are not voting for Hillary Clinton for President, you are de facto voting for Donald Trump. And that means you support all of the above. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other reasons why Trump is both the epitome of what the GOP believes and the worst thing to ever happen to them.

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  1. About the above post, you can see that what is said is true if you look at Trump when he comes out to give his acceptance speech. He actually patted his wife on her ass on nation wide TV. You can tell by the way she looks at him before she caught her self.