Democratic National Convention – Day One Speechifying

The first night of the DNC was certainly better than the first night of the RNC. Of course, we can’t boast of such great minds as Scott Baio, Willie Robertson and Rudy “Noun/Verb/9-11” Giuliani, but we have people with actual brains and heart.

Al Franken did a great job ripping Trump:

Then, Sarah Silverman, one of the strongest Bernie supporters anywhere, showed Bernie Stans how it’s done:

Following that, Senator Cory Booker gave what used to be called a “barn burner:”

Then, it was FLOTUS’ turn to speak and she created another speech that Melania Trump will want to steal.

And Elizabeth Warren followed that with the best takedown of Donald Trump all night:


Then, Keith Ellison chimed in and introduced Bernie:


And Bernie closed it out with a keynote speech that Bernie Stans need to listen to. Not just hear, but listen to:


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