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If there is one thing that is absolutely certain, it is that Democrats need to win in 2018, 2020 and beyond. This has become an imperative. And this blog wants to take the lead in that effort, by cutting the crap on both far right and far left and making sure the bad guys lose. This blog will be expanding its output and its technology, which means a lot more offerings. That said, I can’t lie; creating a loud but cogent voice in the progressive movement is not going to be easy or cheap.

The “Please… Cut the Crap” blog isn’t going away. In fact, there will be more content than ever, but only if we receive support. As it is, I have to try to make time to write posts and I don’t have the time to proof these posts as much as I should.

I’m not looking to become professional left. Other blogs and podcasters claim they need thousands of dollars per month just to get by, and I don’t do that. In fact, $100 per month would make me ecstatic. I am just looking to recoup my costs, so twice a year, I do a fundraiser twice a year to do that. And I almost never make the equivalent of $100 per month.

Going forward, our focus will be on:

  1. The moral imperative we should feel as progressives to make sure the current version of the Republican Party, which is the most radical version ever, is gone from all levels of the government as soon as possible. That does not mean we want to see a one-party system, of course; that won’t happen. Nature and politics abhor a vacuum, and either the GOP will reconstitute itself as something better or another party will come along and fill the void. Either way, we win.
  2. Explaining politics and how it works and creating strategies for the many problems this country has, starting with getting the Trump Crime Family out of the White House. Even if Mueller acts soon, we will have a lot of fixing to do.
  3. Attempting to clear the air and blunt the effect of the unicorn progressive movement and the professional left, all of whom help the GOP win and maintain power. We want to increase voter participation, not help Republicans drive down turnout.

This blog will never be a purely negative professional left outlet. We tell the truth and we will put a lot of facts at your fingertips. Right now, we’re working on a timeline of the Trump Administration that you can always refer to when someone asks what’s so bad. It’s kind of like our list of Obama Accomplishments, except that it assumes there will be no accomplishments.

I will also soon inaugurate a twice-weekly news podcast. I have access to more news resources than before, so there will be a lot more content to work from. It will be twisted and fun, I promise, in addition to being informative.

If you like this blog and would like to see it expand, with even more content, then help us do that. Just click on the button below, put in an amount, and accept my thanks. Any amount is welcome and all money goes to pay for the PCTC Blog…

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